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    Hi all, new to this forum.
    Our rescue pitbull mix just had surgery to remove a stone blocking his urethra.
    They removed multiple other stones and sandy grit from his bladder.
    After the samples were sent away for analysis it came back as amonium urate crystals.
    They recommended Hills U.D., after some research I have seen alot of negatives with this prescription diet food, not to mention the excessively high price.
    For now we have switched him to Natures Recipe Vegetarian diet, still very high in protein but not the animal protiens they are telling me cause his type of stone.
    The family vet is being very helpful to find a cost effective diet plan and possible supplements.
    They are saying he can still have some meat in his diet but most foods, prescription or not are almost always chicken based. He is allergic to chicken.
    Anyone else deal with this and have experience they can share?

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    My dog had struvite and calcium oxalate stones. The only tip I have for you is add water to his food, take him out for frequent bathroom breaks, keep the bladder flushed.
    Check Wysong, they have a good selection, plus a prescription food. Not cheap, but good quality. Ask your vet if it’s an option:
    Wysong Rx Urinary™ (kidney, urinary health, and struvite)
    (Replaces: Nephreon™, Uratrar™, and Struvatrol™)

    Ask your vet about potassium citrate tablets?

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