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    Does anyone feed & know much about “American Journey” Dog Food??? it’s a Chewy proprietary brand but unclear who manufacturer’s it??? it’s made Kansas….

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    amy r

    I reached out to chewy several times to find this out and after much dancing around my question was finally told they couldn’t tell me that information. Based on that I would not use it

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    Christian C

    Hi Susan. I was wondering if you were still active on this site and are seeing my message? Anyway I’ve been doing a lot of research on here and see that you seem to be quite expirenced in dealing with acid reflux in dogs. My dog is suffering terribly from what i believe is this and it makes me so nervous. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions of mine or offer some advice? Thank you Susan I hope to hear back from you.

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    Hi Christian,

    I just seen your msg pop up on my screen as I sat down, I normally dont read my emails when they pop up on the screen so its ment to be..

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    Christian C

    Hahah, maybe it is! I’m so happy you replied to me so quickly, thank you! I was wondering if you could offer me some advice. I think my puppy has acid reflux. She is one year but has been throwing up in the mornings for a couple months. Just recently had the throwing up escelated to a couple times a week. She shows no other signs of being sick, besdies yesterday when she threw up and she seemed to be really weak and like she was choking on something. She’s currently on Merrick grain free but I think maybe I switched her to adult food too early. I’ve taken her to a clinic twice but they always say just switch her food and don’t run any tests. Should I be more worried? Or less? Any advice you can offer me on how to help my dog would be so appreciated 🙂

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    You have not provided much information on your dog. Age? Prior history?

    Vomiting is not normal, especially if it is not acute.
    You imply in your post that it has been going on for a while.
    So I would consider it chronic.

    Have you tried a dome bowl designed to slow down the eating, in case the dog is eating too fast?
    Are you feeding small meals 3 or 4 times a day instead of 2 large ones?
    Don’t free feed, leave food out all day. I would add a little water to dry kibble.
    These are things I would try.
    I would return to the clinic and ask for a diagnosis. If that involves doing some tests such as lab work or x-rays, so be it.

    It could be nothing, but it could be something that will respond to treatment.

    No one can diagnose your pet over the internet nor should they try. Please do not give over the counter meds and supplements unless advised to do so by a veterinarian that has examined the dog.
    What worked for someone else’s dog might cause harm to yours.

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    Christian C

    The vets around my area are very lazy, I took her there twice this month and they won’t do any tests they told me to feed her before bed and give her Pepcid. I tried tried the Pepcid yesterday but it just made her lose her appetite and her stomach started making very loud gurgling noises. She is one year old. She has no history of any other medical problems, but it started off with her throwing up bile in the morning every month or so and now has progressed to a couple times this month. Maybe 5 or 6. I’m saving money for the vet again now as money is tight because I just took her to the vet twice in two weeks and these visits are not cheap for a college student and the tests are going to be very expensive.

    I’m not so much asking for a diagnosis, I’m just looking for some advice until I get get the money to take her to the vet again, for some peace of mind.

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    I gave you a couple of things to try.

    But, you can’t treat a condition without a diagnosis. You are just treating the symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem.

    I would get the dog properly diagnosed and treated, How about a Go Fund Me Page?
    Isn’t that what young people do nowadays….

    Most veterinarians accept credit cards and have payment plans.

    PS. If the dog had an adverse reaction to a prescribed medication, you should call the vet and let him know.
    Just leave a message for him to call you back when he has a minute, they won’t charge you for a phone call
    In fact, some clinics offer one free follow up visit.

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    Hi Christian,

    Not Susan here, but I do have prior experience with this behavior also. It does sound like the food is giving your puppy acid reflux, and apparently the vets do also, since they are telling you to change food and use Pepcid. You said that it increased after changing from puppy to adult so it would appear there is more of what is causing the problem in the adult food. I do not think the problem is adult food, but the ingredients in Merrick. My girl that is grain intolerant was throwing up in the mornings when I fed her Blue Buffalo grain free, but she quit immediately when I changed her food to Natural Balance limited ingredient. I now feed her Wellness limited ingredient and Natural Balance plus she gets a topper on it.

    I agree with the vets that you need to try changing foods first because that will give the vets a wealth of information. If changing food makes it worse or improves then you know the cause is food, and not something else. This is easier and cheaper to do than running tests.

    Also, the last thing you should do is add more water to the food at this point. Additional water will make them throw up more when they have acid reflux due to food. As Susan will tell you, when the acid reflux is really bad, the dog will not want to drink at all because it makes them sicker.

    I would recommend the NB Potato and Duck or Sweet Potato and Fish since they are both very limited ingredients and it is best to start simple when trying to determine if there is a food issue.

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    Christian C

    Hello and thank you both for replying. @cockailermom in the past couple months I’ve changed her food a couple of times thinking it would help, and i did it correctly slowly Introducing it to her but after she got very sick yesterday I put her on a bland food diet of chicken and rice and today she did not throw up, her coat already feels softer and she’s been way less gassy. She used to burp a lot through the day but not today. Also usually she drinks her water right up but today she’s not drinking much of it, I’ve had to beg her to drink. I was deffenetly going to switch her to NB sweet potato and fish in case she had a meat allergy, but yesterday really scared me

    @anon101 I’m going to take her in for another checkup, and see what a different vet tell me but I can’t really afford much else than that right now. I’ve called all vets near me and I couldn’t find a single one who does payment plans. It’s kind of sad how hard and expensive it is to take care of our pets. And I am only 20 and I’ve never had anything under my name so no credit = no credit card :/

    Thank you both for the advice. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Ps does anyone know anything about probiotics? Should I try my dog on one of those while I switch her to LID food?

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    Hi Christain,
    I would try “Natural Balance” LID Sweet Potato & Bison look at all the N/B ingredients, a lady told me the Sweet Potato & Venison has gone up in price so maybe pick the Sweet Potato & Bison or Potato & Duck instead read ingredient list & see which will be best…
    the fat is low 10%min in the N/B & teh protein is law as well…
    Why I dont recommend the fish formula’s no more as its higher in omega fatty acids this is excellent for dogs BUT Patch deosn’t do well with his acid reflux when he eats any fish kibbles….
    Do you live at home with mum, it would be good if she cooed & froze the meals?? what breed is your girl?
    It’s best feeding 3-4 smaller meals a day & cooked meals would be better then dry kibble, lean low fat cooked meals, also look for the “FreshPet” loaf in the fridge section look for one with the lowest fat% & try the Freshpet loaf or another brand that has good ingredients & the fat isnt real high best to stay under 6% fat, when you convert 5% fat to dry matter fat (Kibble) for wet tin food, the dog loaves, raw dog food, 5%min fat is around 20%min to 26%max in fat…So best to feed lower fat for Acid reflux kibble is higher in carbs so this can make teh acid bad as well but once you do find a kibble that agrees you’ll be OK but what I found I need to rotato foods with Patch breakfast he gets kibble lunch he wetsa cooked meal the dinner 5pm 1/3 cup kibble then another small meal 8pm sometimes a cooked meal what I ate for dinner as long as it has no onion & isnt a hot curry/spicey meal or he gets 1/3 cup kibble, it all depends if he seems unwell then he gets the cooked meal I freeze small meals,
    Do you have more then 2 vets in your area? what about if you drive to the next suburb I’d ring around all the vets in your areas who are within 40 mins drive & id’ask do they have the Endoscope machine ? if they say yes ask whats the vets name that does the Endoscope + Biopsies ?? write his name down he should know alot about the stomach small bowel etc…
    Patch just had another Endoscope + Biopsies, he had Endoscope + Biopsies done 4-5 yrs ago vet just found teh Helicobacter was bad he was treated with Triple therepy meds & later put on Losec (Ranitidine) 5yrs later this time I thought he’s has stomach cancer as he went down hill so quickly, he had very sore throat, Simon (vet) is Patches second vet he specializes in the IBD & other health problems, when Simon looked down Patches esophagus he saw his wipe pipe was very red & inflammed the acid had come up his throat, our brain sends a msg to close the esophageal spincter (Flap) to the wind pipe but Patches brain isnt doing this & the acid was soo bad & coming up his throat then going back down into his wind pipe, I still havent picked up his biopsies results, after when the bisopies result came back Patch also had mild Helicobacter, Im wondering does your our have the Helicobactor cause you say she has gotten worse this is what happened with Patch just after Xmas, all dogs have the Helicobacter Simon said but its healthy, but Patches helicobacter has taken over & is living him his stomach walls, this is way he’s always hungry, first sign of helicobacter they have a big appetite, acid reflux, eating grass, vomiting acid up this is when their throat gets burnt from te acid best to give liquid Mylanta 4 mls in a syringe I dont know if you have Mylanta its á white liquid & coats the esophagus, their aci is often bad first thing of a morning, best to let them eat some grass not too much about 1min then vet said stop PAtch they will vomit from eating just 2-3 picses of grass Simon said a dog can make himself spew they dont even need grass to speI didnt know that I wish Patch would spew the acid up its better out then in, we do not use Pepcid (Famotidine) in Australia no more, its an old drug the chemist lady said, you can get the liquid “Pepto-Bismol” its pink this helps kill the Helicobacter my vet said but it seems to make Patch symptoms worse & I havent given him the Pepto-Bismol again since I bought it 1-2 yrs ago, I keep it in the fridge same with the liquid Mylanta so when it goes down their throat it cold & soothing, the vet put Patch on the Triple Therapy meds again 1 week ago, Metronidazole-200mg, Amoxcillian- 400mg & Prolosec-20mg, taken every 12 hours with a meal for 3 weeks, the Losec is only given in the morning once a day but cause your dog is so young you do not want her on prilosec yet full time like Patch is on & after 1 yr it doesnt seem to be helping him no more, he’s just turned 9yrs old so its OK giving him a PPI but being young únder 4yrs old there’s other ant acid meds, Losec is a Protein Pump Inhibitor (PPI) once you start taking a PPI for more then 3 weeks you can not just stop taken it very bad side effects, while taking the PPI the brain stops you making stomach acid or not making as much then if you just stop taking the PPI Losec your brain releases the stomach acid & from what the vet said its too much stomach acid until it gets back to normal again so you need to slowly stop the PPI-Losec.. I tried all the ant acid meds then Patch stayed on Zantac (Ranitidine) 1/3 of a 150mg tablet 30mins before food for a while then the Zantac didnt seem to work no more, so vet wrote Patch out a script for 20mg Omeprazole-Losec heaps cheaper from a chemist then a vets, I started giving Patch the Losec for 3 days when he was bad then i’d stop Simon said yes thats what he does takes the Losec for 2-4 days then he stops then I found while Patch was on the Losec he was HEAPS better, no eating grass as soon as he woke up, no vomiting, no whinging all the time, he was sleeping thru the night not getting up 5am wanting grass..so I put him on the Losec full time around May 2016, now I want to try another PPI Somac (Pantoprazole) 20mg what I take for my GORDs.. cause why has Patch gotten so bad where now, his acid has inflammed his wind pipe? the losec isnt helping him no more he needs to try another PPI, Ive changed his food to a lower fat 9%min & Im cooking for lunch & second dinner 8pm meal & kibble for his other meals..5 meals a day…
    You’re lucky you can get the Natural Balance heaps of dogs with IBS, IBD, Pancreatitis, are all doing really well on the Natural Balance formula & some of the dog owners cook meals as aswell so their dog isnt just eating a dry processed kibble..
    Another thing make sure you read what the Kcals per cup are & stay UNDER 370 Kcals per cup best to stay under 350Kcls per cup, the higher teh Kcals per cup the harder teh stomach has to work digesting the kibble…

    I would change your girl food, do live at home with mum? cause cooked meals would be heaps better then dry processed kibble, or have a look at those “Pet Fresh” loaf in pet fridge section at pet shops or supmarkets, look for a loaf that has the lowest amount of fat % around 3-5%-fat & start feeding her 4 smaller meals a day breakfast lunch & 2 dinners I do 5pm-kibble & 8pm-kibble or cooked meal, if your not home get one of these kibble machines that will give her 1/3 to 1/2 a cup for lunch & dnner….. Do you belong to any face book groups “Canine Pancreatitis Support Group” Canine IBD group? I wonder if you ask does anyone have a kibble machine they dont use any more & if you could set a up a donation account once you find a good vet then you give the new vets account details & people can start donating money so your girl can get an Endoscope & Biopsies done, no point in doing an Ultra Scan it cannot see the stomach properly or do teh biopsies there’s another test the dog drinks a solution Barium meal test but you need bipsies done once you get biopsies your vet will get some answers, even if she has ulcers teh endoscope will see teh ulcer of if she has scarring form old old ulcers, this is if only after changing her diet & you have tried Zantac (Ranutdine) twice a day before feeding main meals even thought your feeding 4 smaller meals 2 of the meals are just a bit bigger thats why I asked what breed is your girl??? is she small or a bigger dog, theres so much’info I probably have forgotten, so keep CockerlierMom & me posted please…
    Have you tried the “4Health” Special Care, Sensitive Stomach, its Potato & Egg kibble Potato & Egg is really good to cook as well, I always make Patch a scramble egg when he’s unwell dont add any butter or milk you just scramble the egg & use a non stick frying pan or do in the micro wave but if you cook too long in micro wave you can get rubber scramble egg.. also boil soom potatoes leave in air tight container & add to some chicken I often buy the reduced BBQ chicken I eat the fatty part of teh chiken & give to the cat & I give Patch the breast section & freeze any left overs for next time, also tin tuna in spring water with boiled potato is also another good easy tomake meal for your girl instead of feeding her the kibble also look for wet can foods but tehfat has to be #% & under best to email teh pet food company & ask what is the fat% when converted to dry matter the max fat % you’ll be shoked sometimes you see 55-fat after you contact the pet food comany they tell you its 26% fat so be careful with wet can foods,
    With Probiotics they seem to make PAtches acid reflux worse I do not know why?? neither does teh vet also stay with loer fiber lower carb kibbles as teh higher fiber 7 higher carbs make teh acid worse, I just hoping it’s just teh brand of kibble your feing & thats the problem an ingredient or the kibble has fish/salmon oil that is causing the aid reflux with your girl cause after eating a cook meal she is better so maybe she s better off eating a balanced cooked meals but dont wory yet about balancing het dietyet she is OK for 2 month with out her diet being balanced just work out this problem first & how can you raise money to get Endoscope & biopsies if it all continues.. finger X it doesnt… she is young hopefully she’s just eating the wrong food..

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    Adding a splash of water to her small bland meals may help keep her hydrated.

    What you described indicates that her symptoms are getting worse.

    In my opinion, your dog needs medical attention by a veterinary healthcare professional (not the internet)
    especially if her symptoms, vomiting and gastrointestinal upset have been going on for more thsn 72 hours without significant improvement.

    This is not veterinary advice; consult your veterinarian.

    PS. If your pet needs medical attention, this might be an opportunity for you to establish credit. Can you discuss the situation with your parents? Maybe they would be willing to co-sign or give you a loan.

    Good luck

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    Christian C

    Hi Susan, thanks for the reply. I’m sorry to hear about patch, and I hope all is well with both of you! My girl is a border collie pit/lab mix. She is my everything. and is around 50 lbs. to break it down a little more, it started around the time I switched her food for the first time, I switched her to originally Simply Norish, but after finishing about 1/3 of the bag and her not eating her food, I discovered there were bugs in her food! I was horrified. They were little flying bugs so I immediately had to switch her food. I switched her to crave and stuck with that for about 2 months, but that’s when the throwing up started happening more often, only in the morning or at night. It went from happening about once a month to happening about once a week and these past couple of weeks she has thrown up bile multiple times a week. Only yesterday was the first time anything serious happened but she wouldn’t eat all day which is a first, not even treats or rice and chicken when I first put it down but later that night she gobbled everything down that she could. Also while she was laying down she let out one random yelp of pain and I have no idea why. I’ve been feeling her stomach and it doesn’t seem to bother her, especially today. She loves eating the rice and chicken but she’s been avoiding drinking water. Idk why but it got to the point where I had to force her to drink by putting water in a baby syringe and let her drink it from there. But she went out and excersized like normal today, she has lots of energy so she was running for quite some time. she doesn’t eat grass when she’s outside or anything. I’ve noticed that her mouth sounds very loud lately. I can’t tell if it’s dry mouth or extra salivation but it’s loud, and she often smacks her lips. I’m gonna try cutting all treats out for s little while as well but that hasn’t helped yet. She seems to be doing well on the bland diet but it’s only been one day so I can’t tell

    As for the endoscopy, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford one of those. I read online they were very expensive. It would be my dream to have one of those done just to know my baby is okay, but right now my options are very limited. I don’t know anyone who can loan me money and my family is pretty lower income so they wouldn’t be much help either.
    I wish I had the resources or people to start a donation page but I don’t 🙁 I live in the city, so there are plenty of vets near me but I haven’t found a single one that does payment plans. It breaks my heart. Me and my mom applied for care credit but both got denied.
    I scrapped every penny I have together and am going to take her to the vet again on Tuesday but it seems I’ll probably only have enough for blood work.
    I certainly am going to switch her to natural balance Lid, not sure which formula yet but certainly the lowest fat and protein
    formula. I’ve given her fresh pet before and she loves it, I will certainly add it to her diet now that I know how good it is. But cooking fresh food every day would be quite the challenge as I am in school and my mother baby sits most of the day.

    I am praying to god it is something easily fixable that can be treated at home, if not I don’t know what to do. I’ll have to ask every vet around about payment plans. This is a very stressful
    situation, I can’t find much help online for assistance with the bill and most of the places around here that I call are jerks and don’t offer help to anyone who asks. I’ve never worried about it this much in the past because she always acts so normal after but yesterday got me very scared, it seemed Pepto Bismol and Pepcid did make her situation worse and I won’t be trying them again.

    What were your exact recommendations again? I’d like to have a full plan to discuss with my vet when I go. What medications? I am already feeding her 3-5 times a day depending on her activity level etc.
    her breed is very enertic but some days I cannot afford to take her to the dog park where she can truly let off all her steam, she is an emotional support animal, so I take her a lot of places. Thank you Susan, you’re so kind

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    Examples for low cost veterinary care

    Present the vet with a list of your dogs symptoms, how long they have been going on.
    Veterinarians have examined thousands of dogs and will be able to determine which tests need to be done immediately. (labs, x-rays and such) Treatments such as subq fluids may be indicated if your dog is dehydrated (caused by excessive vomiting)

    When a diagnosis is determined, the vet will discuss treatment options with you.

    Discuss your financial concerns with the clinic and they will explain your options.

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    Hi again,
    Yes stop all treats as they can be very high in fat & just use the dry kibble your feeding for her treats, did you take back the Simply Nourish & get a refund? i would contact Simply Nourish company & they should pay for the vet bill as well, 1 of my cats got ill after I applied Revolution I contacted Revolution & they told me to wash the Revolution off ASAP I had already done that then the lady said if he needs to see a vet they will Pay for it just tell the vet you’re seeing to contact this lady, my new cat is fine with revoluton spot on treatment but my other cat wasnt,…
    What are you using to prevent fleas?? Please dont say Bravecto or Nexgard as these flea chews can cause stomach problems & other health problems
    I wouldn’t make her drink water, when they eat wet food they don’t need to drink as much water, wet food, cooked & wet can food is around 70% water, its when you feed kibble they drink heaps of water… also when she hasn’t eaten all day thats OK she is resting her stomach, Pancreas, dogs are smart & know when not to eat, when to drink water etc, then when she finally does eat a meal feed her slowly & only feed 1/2 the meal then feed the other 1/2 of the meal about 30-60mins later, sometimes I feed Patch 1 spoon cooked food at a time in his bowl cause he gulps the whole cooked meal in 5sec then he gets pain & I think the pain is wind pain & he needs a to have a big burp, I ,ake Patch sit & hold his chest area & rub his back up & down like you’re burping a babythen he does a big burp & feels better, what I do with Patch & drinking water I use a small bowl & I go fill it 1/2 up & I take the water to him & I ask do you want a drink Patch if he does his head pops up & he moves to drink the water, I do this at night while I’m watching TV & he’s sleeping he gets lazy so I get his water for him but he’s 9y yrs old now & couldnt be bothered getting up om a comfy bed sometimes….
    Do you live near a “Costco” or know someone that shops there? Costco have their “Kirkland Signture” Nature’s Domain dry Kibble look at their Turkey & Sweet Potato all life stages kibble, that’s if you can not afford the Natural balance LID kibble this Turkey & Sweet Potato doesnt have too many ingredients, it has probiotics for the gut, & has low Kcals Per cup336Kcals per cup so easy to digest, Patch was eating the Taste Of The Wild Sierra Moutain Roasted Lamb this last 1 & 1/2 years & he was doing very well on teh TOTW Lamb & kirkland Signature is made by the same maker as TOTW
    Here’s are the ingredients.

    Turkey meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, canola oil, tomato pomace, flaxseed, natural flavor, salmon oil (a source of DHA), salt, choline chloride, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, yucca schidigera extract, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Bifidobacterium animalis fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus reuteri fermentation product, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin D supplement, folic acid.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein 24% Minimum
    Crude Fat 14% Minimum
    Crude Fiber 4% Maximum
    Moisture 10% Maximum
    Zinc 150 mg/kg Minimum
    Selenium 0.35 mg/kg Minimum
    Vitamin E 150 IU/kg Minimum
    Omega-6 Fatty Acids* 2.4% Minimum
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids* 0.3% Minimum
    Total Microorganisms* Not Less Than 1,000,000 CFU/lb
    (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus reuteri)

    Calorie Content
    3,590 kcals/kg (336 kcals/cup) Calculated Metabolizable Energy

    Does she have a fermenting smell coming from her mouth?? if yes then stop feeding the boiled rice & start buying Sweet Potatoes & peel cut up in pieces & boil them you can freeze Sweet Potato it freezes well, I freeze sweet potato pieces then if I need some I just take out of freezer leave out to thaw, also potato is also good to feed, I also buy the Gluten free pasta for Patch Aldis sells it cheap, Aldis also sells tin Tuna in Spring water cheap keep a few tins of Tuna in the Cupboard for when she becomes unwell & you dont have any chicken, I have my Sweet potato cooked in the freezer & a couple of cans of tuna just in case, scramble egg is also good to feed when unwell or as a light meal..

    If you do see the vet on Tuesday ask can you try a 14 day course of “Metronidazole” (Flagyl) twice a day every 12 hours with a meal, when she was vomiting & became unwell she probably needed a course of the Metronidazole when Patch starts having any stomach bowel problems Patches vet tells me to start him on the Metronidazole for 21 days, he’s taking the Metronidazole again at the moment & seems to be getting better, I hope….
    You could ask the vet can you have a few repeat script of the Metronidazole 21 tablets 200mg & you take the script to chemist, I got 2 packet of te Metronidazole today only cost me $7.21 for 21 X 200mg tablets… heaps cheaper then seeing the vet & buying from the vet just explain your at Uni Studying & the vet might understand what its like & see you’re a good dog owner & care for your girl heaps I’d say its the Pit Bull in her, some Pit Bulls, Staffy seem to suffer with stomach problems…..
    Maybe if she seems OK by Monday then cancel the Tuesday vet visit unless you want to ask for the Metronidazole but if she isnt sick the vet may not prescribe any medications, it will all depend on the vet, cause there’s nothing they can really do except with do further test & the stomach is the hardest health problem to diagnose & the only good test that gives answers is the Endoscope/Biopsies as the camera looks down her throat into her stomach they take a tiny tissue sample & thats ur biopsies no pain they come home in the afternoon & eat a small cooked meal & back to normal the next day, it might be best to save your money & get another LID kibble & wait till she is unwell again, an Endoscope isnt as expensive as people think, it cost around $400-$500 best to shop around first then you pay extra for the Biopsies they cost arount $50 each Patch had 2 biopsies I think, my bill wasnt itemized this time, but I saw teeth cleaning & scaling cost me $200, I dont even get my teeth cleaned & Patch comes out with these pearly whites but he had Gingitivitas back left molar teeth vet wanted to stop any bacteria going down his throat…..
    I have to get to bed very tired, Patch is waiting for me… dogs are so loyal arent they..

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    a c

    Isn’t a Simply Nourish the store a brand of Persmart? They have in-house vet clinic.

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    @ a c
    You are right, Simply Nourish is sold at PetSmart.

    PetSmart Banfield Pet Hospital (just Google)
    “With over 900 hospitals around the country, we’re committed to wellness resources for long term care”.
    What a great idea! They look user friendly too. They even offer new clients a free exam.
    PS: There are some very good dedicated vets out there, let’s hope this poster finds one he can work with to get his dog better.
    Often when you establish a relationship with a clinic (in my experience) they give you a break when an unexpected illness happens.

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    Hi Christian,
    After reading the list of foods you tried, it doesn’t seem the vets gave you any guidance when they told you to switch food. If you can afford NB, it will be a good starting place to settle the GI system down.
    It does sound like the rice is not agreeing with her, and it would be a good idea to switch to sweet potato or white potato. She may end up needing the Metronidazole. It must be given with food, and usually the vets prescribe Pepcid also because it can cause nausea. When you go back to the vet, make sure you tell them how she reacted to the Pepcid.

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    “From routine appointments to emergency situations or surgeries, the CareCredit card gives pet owners the peace of mind needed to care for pets big and small”.

    “Unlike traditional pet financing or veterinary payment plans, the CareCredit credit card gives you the flexibility to use your card again and again for your pet’s procedures”.

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