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    I have a 4 year old american bulldog. We are having allergy issues, I believe. I would love any feedback / what has helped with your bully baby!
    He has now had a yeast infection in one ear twice, easily clears up with topical meds. Vet says can be from a food allergy.
    Now has an infected anal gland, on abx from the vet.
    Dry skin on the top of his back. We have tried everything in terms of shampoos.. Oatmeal, sensitive skin, baby shampoo.
    He is intolerant to Trifexis or Iverhart. Within 7 – 10 days after giving this he can not pee when he wants to & when he needs to go he can’t control it. We’ve done urine samples, bloodwork, no temperature, xrays, & no findings.
    I am not a fan of chemicals / toxins. We would like to be as natural / holistic as possible.
    I would love recommendations on dry foods to try & other suggestions on heart worm preventatives.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Allergy & Food: I would try a single novel protein/novel carb source diet, including restricting all treats (can only be that protein/carb).

    This needs to be something your dog has never eaten before, ideally both the meat/protein source and the carb(s). You feed this a long while and other monitoring (you and your vet), then slowly add back in one protein at a time. You see what makes the symptoms disappear in your dog.

    Heartworm Preventative: There are only so many active ingredients effective in heartworm prevention. Heartguard would have the same ingredient as Iverhart, Ivermectin. Your other option is the main active ingredient in the formerly made Interceptor, which now only is available with other anti-parastitics in the formula.

    You do need to use one of them, as heartworm is very deadly & brutal on a dog.

    You can also have the main active ingredient compounded for your dog at a compounding pharmacy, in whatever form and flavoring/inactive ingredients (in case of severe allergy to what you’ve already tried) and exactly custom to the weight of your dog.

    Dry skin & shampoo/conditioner — Please see my thread I already started on that topic here, asking for help.

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    Hi, can you do home cooking & put him on an elimination diet? start with 1 protein & 1 carb then after 2 weeks as long it looks like he’s improving start to add another food, Like GSDs Forever said… it just took Patch 1 week & the redness under his white chin went away, the red front paws all cleared up & shaking his head stopped… I feed Turkey breast mince mixed in 1 egg & made into a turkey loaf & baked then I used sweet potatoes as the carb, but I knew Patch can eat eggs you can leave out the egg if you want, or feed a limited ingredient kibble with just 2-3 ingredients there’s a few around, “California Natural” has their Lamb & Rice with just 4 ingredients or Kangaroo & Red Lentils…Wellness has their “Simple” range or there’s “Natural Balance” has their Kangaroo & potatoes Rabbit & Potatoes or Duck & Potatoes these are the only N/B flavours that have the least ingredients…I’m pretty saw one of these diets will clear up your Bullys skin & ears, try to pick a kibble with ingredients that you haven’t feed before or do the elimination diet & you will find out what foods irritate his skin & ears, also keep a diary…..Have you tried Malaseb Medicated shampoo, it was the only shampoo that killed the bacteria on Patches skin & didn’t dry out his skin, leaving his fur so soft, I bath every 6- 7 days in the Summer/Spring… I also give Patch 1/2 a Yakult everyday to help his stomach….we share 1 everyday.. I was giving No Fat Greek Yogurt but I think it made him feel sick as he has stomach & bowel problems, Good luck with ur Bully love the breed..

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