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    Gloria K

    As you already know I make all of my dogs food and treats I have a problem and hoping someone knows the answer. The first two or three times I made treats I used wheat flour. The biscuits and cookies came out perfect just like regular cookies do. However I noticed my dog developed a very red rash on the inside of his thighs. I wondered if it could have been a wheat allergy so I stopped using wheat and started using coconut and rice flours instead. About a week later the rash went away. Two or three weeks later I gave him a wheat flour cookie just to see what would happen and the rash came back so looks like he may indeed have a wheat allergy.
    The biscuits and cookies that I make him now are very dry. I’ve cut back on the amount of rice and coconut flour as someone suggested using 1/4 to 1/3 cup to the recipe calling for one cup of wheat or whole wheat flour. Has anyone used these flours and if so do you have the same problem with dryness that I have? Is there a solution to this? What am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix it?

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    I like to use chick pea/garbanzo bean flour when making dog treats. It has a similar consistency to wheat flour. Also, using more wet ingredients than dry could help the treats be less dry.

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    Gloria K

    I’m going to try the chickpea flour because two other people suggested that to me also. You may be right about adding more wet ingredients or even a little oil.

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    I used Gluten free flour & the cookies were like bricks, awful…..

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