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    Kris J

    Please help. I’m so frustrated and confused and I just want to help my sweet boy.

    Eli is a 2-year-old shih tzu, and his allergy testing showed high reactivity to food storage mites, fusarium mold, bayberry and one or two other environmental things. We’ve done what we can about those, and he’s on prescription allergy drops formulated from his test results (Heska).

    All along, though, my vet has been certain he has a food allergy. We fed him Dick an Patten’s LID dry, then, when the scratching didn’t subside, a diet of sweet potatoes and white beans, both at the vet’s direction, with no relief, but she had us do that BEFORE the allergen blood testing. She says that there’s no point in testing for food allergies, as there is no accurate test (though others have sworn by VARL Liquid Gold serum testing).

    He’s been on the drops a month now, and I think he’s scratching less.

    But now — what do I feed him? I don’t KNOW if he has a food allergy. Can anybody guide me through this fog?

    Many many thanks,


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