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    Kiera D

    Hello all –
    I work in a pet food and supply store that is connected with a vet clinic and grooming salon, and we have a client that is looking for a food for a dog with the following allergies:

    -sweet potatoes
    -green peas
    -poultry mix (turkey and chicken)
    -mixed feathers

    We are having a heck of a time finding a food for this dog, a Border Collie/Lab mix, any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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    Who identified these allergies? Sounds rather unusual.

    Per the search engine here: /forums/search/allergies/

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    Kiera D

    It’s a Spot Allergy Report from Spectrum labs, full panel allergy test. The poor thing is allergic to pretty much everything, most grasses, weeds and trees in addition to the food allergies.

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    Not sure if any of these will work. Double check the ingredients to make sure it doesn’t contain any of the triggers.

    Acana Lamb & Okanagan Apple
    Acana Pork & Butternut Squash
    Addiction Hunter’s Venison Stew (canned)
    Canine Caviar Lamb & Pearl Millet
    Canine Caviar LBP dinner
    Canine Caviar Wild Ocean
    Canine Caviar Open Sky
    Petcurean Go! Sensitivity & Shine Venison

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    I would advise the client to go to a specialist/dermatologist, I would focus on getting the environmental allergies under control first.

    Food allergies are rare, but, a specialist who has examined the dog would be the best person to advise as how to proceed.

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    Sheila H

    Please look into Annamaet Salcha. There are a few different flavors. We have had 3 Shiba Inu’s with variant combinations of allergies, inclufing many of the items on your long list. The latest has had severe ear infections. This product has worked for us. Good luck.

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