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    Lauren D

    My American Bulldog, approx 3 years old, has been dealing with horrible allergies for most of his life. He was allergy tested in April of 2015 and the food issues for him are: Egg, soybean, duck, rabbit, yeast (scored lowest possible), oat, and potato.

    I switched his food over to Zignature Turkey He seemed to do well with it for the first couple of months, but I’m not convinced it is having a positive effect anymore. I did have him start allergy injections in October 2015 (focusing on some food and some environmental like human dander).

    He has a pattern of doing ok for a week or so and then once I think he’s doing well he turns all red and inflamed, sometimes gets hives, his legs and stomach are raw and he sometimes scratches so hard he bleeds and scabs over, eyes are swollen and red, his hair thins out a lot, and he smells horrid. I bathe him in a medicated shampoo on a regular basis.

    With his food restrictions, does anyone have recommendations on dry food brands to look in to? I can’t afford anything over $70 per 30lb bag. I have two other dogs and they switch to whatever food he is on as I don’t want any chance for cross contamination. I’ve also looked in to the addition of supplements such as coconut oil, fish oil, and digestive enzymes. Thoughts on any brands or whether or not that would be worthwhile to do very much appreciated.

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    Freddy w

    You May want to try

    Or in search type in no potato or grain dry dog food

    Good luck 😊

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    You may find this site informative.
    “Atopic dermatitis is a hypersensitivity or over-reaction to a variety of commonplace and otherwise harmless substances in the environment such as plant pollens, house dust mites or mold spores. Most pets with atopic dermatitis either inhale or absorb their allergens through their skin. Allergy tests are used to identify what a pet is allergic to in their environment”.

    excerpt below from:
    Food Allergies are probably over-diagnosed in dogs (they account for, perhaps 5-10%). Hypoallergenic diets are occasionally, but not frequently, helpful in canine atopy cases but you should always give them a try. Food intolerances are more common – but considerably more likely to result in digestive disturbances and diarrhea than in itching problems.

    Also, via the search engine here: /forums/search/allergies/

    BTW: Allergen Specific Immunotherapy does not address food allergies (rare) or food sensitivities. See my posts for more information.

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    Lauren D

    Thank you. I will be checking out all of these resources.

    The food suggested above has sweet potato as an ingredient. Ace is allergic to potato so I have been avoiding foods with sweet potato in it. Is it ok for him to have sweet potato?

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    Hi Lauren,

    I think I’d take a look at doing a true elimination diet if I were you.

    Since you’ve been working with your vet on identifying your pup’s food sensitivities, you could talk to them about it and get your instructions from them. Essentially, you choose a single protein and a single starch that your dog hasn’t eaten before and feed only that. After you’re dog’s condition has settled down, you slowly introduce other ingredients, one at a time. If he reacts, you withdraw the food and continue with your single starch and protein. If not done properly, you’ll end up with inaccurate results. If done properly, it’s the gold standard for identifying food sensitivities / allergies.

    Some folks will use raw or cooked foods, prepared at home. Others will choose prescription foods from the vet. Either way, it’s not forever, but it’ll help you get some answers.

    With my food sensitive dog, I have better luck with Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets.

    Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be!

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    Hi, try “California Natural” limited ingredients, Lamb & Rice it has only 4 ingredients, there’s small breed & large breed…
    Why your dog is doing well for 1-2 weeks then reacting it takes 1 day to 6 weeks to show food sensitivities/intolerances, this is what confused me… Patch would do really well the first month then he’d start reacting to the kibble, then I started to feed a kibble that’s is just Fish & Rice no peas, no chick peas, no potatoes, no lentils, just fish & rice….. also get a good dog probiotic to build up the immune system & always make sure you read what the omega 3 & 6 % is in the kibble…. I’ve read some kibbles are higher in omega 6 & low in omega 3 & dogs making dogs itch & scratch & have dry skin….. the California Natural shows all the Nutrient Analysis… also when he comes back inside, wipe him down, I use “Huggie Baby Wipes” Aloe & Cucumber a new wipe for each section of the body… sardines in spring water are excellent to give as a treat..

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    Hi Lauren D, Welcome to the DFA forums.

    I’m sorry your bulldog is having issues 🙁

    If you want to find out if your pup has food issues then DogFoodie is right, if done properly, an elimination diet, is the gold standard for identifying food sensitivities and/or allergies. Your poor baby has been suffering with skin issues for most of his life, it’s time to figure out if food is the problem. BTW, I’ve never heard of allergy injections (immunotherapy) for food allergies.

    Has his skin been tested to see if he has ringworm, mites, mange, yeast overgrowth, bacteria, or anything else? Bulldogs are notorious for skin issues and skin issues can be caused by many different things, and as Anonymously has said, the type of skin issues you are describing are rarely caused by food issues.

    I strongly recommend a high potency, multi strain probiotic to hopefully strengthen and diversify the microflora in his gut. This could also help strengthen his immune system and help his gut health. I would also give him a prebiotic to feed the probiotics.

    We’ll all be hoping the best for you and your bully. Please keep us updated 😉

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    Robyn B

    Hi, just our experience to share. I’m sorry to hear your dog is so uncomfortable. My pug had allergy (allergies) that made him lick his feet frequently for probably 7 years (his skin darkened to black-ish and we were constantly needing to use malaseb skin cleanser/yeast killer to give him relief). I was told by vets that it was probably caused by the grass or something in his food but that it would be almost impossible to determine. All they had to offer were steroid meds but I wanted to solve the underlying problem. I switched his diet to grain free (dry and a can now and then for a little excitement). His constant licking stopped and his skin returned to normal for the last 6 years of his life. The foods we fed that solved his problem were Canidae grain free Pure, Wellness Core grain free and Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix grain free and poultry free Salmon. The first two greatly reduced the licking but the Castor and Pollux eliminated it.
    I hope you have success in solving the problem. Bulldogs are my other favorite breed, so adorable!

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