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    My 1yo Spoo has been getting terrible infections in her shout for months. She has been treated with antibiotic four times. The Vet finally did 3 biopsies ($$$) that came back positive for staph and show extremely large amounts of cells caused by allergic reactions. She put her on hills prescription Z/D. Well we can’t afford it. I didn’t buy cheap dog food in the first place we fed taste of the wild which is high end. There is NO WAY we can afford it. Do any of you have a suggestion on a less expensive choice in foods?? I don’t know what to do. We just invested a lot of $$$ in her training, she is a service dog. We can not continue to afford a high cost diet for her and cooking is not an option as she travels too much. I wouldn’t be able to keep her food “safe”. The Vet didn’t say if this was a full time food change but she wanted to remove everything from her diet and start here. If it were for only a week or so I would say ok but she said 8-10 weeks. at 10 weeks that is well over 500 dollars for just her food vs 120.00 for ten weeks worth of food we feed now. unfortunately we can’t keep that pace up. 🙁

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