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    Karen G

    I have a 14yr old Beagle , 9yr old Pomeranian and 4 month old Standard Poodle.
    Is there a dog food they all can eat?
    Beagle and Pom have had several brands thru the years but for the last year or two have:
    Beagle (has food allergies and early stages of kidney problems) been on grain free FrestPet
    Pomeranian has been on Beneful
    Poodle has been on Chicken Soup for Puppy (from breeder)
    I want to go grain free for all of them.
    I really want an All Life Stage and all breed dog food.
    Since large breed puppies and kidney isssues should be treated with less calcium can I feed all of them Large Breed puppy? I have Orijen Large Breed Puppy in mind.
    Am I wrong in thinking an All Life Stage is also all Breed appropriate?

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    I would try canidae all life stages food. I think the brown three protein food is good for a large breed puppy. I can’t quite remember but I do recall they had a good all life stages all breeds In the right range for large breed puppy growth. However there are grains in the all life stages. They have a grain free line called pure but none of those are for large breed growth. But I like the three protein all life stages because it has three proteins as the first three ingredients. For a grain inclusive kibble it’s pretty good.

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    Hi Karen-

    Here is a list Dr. Mike made of large breed puppy foods. Several are all life stages and they are notated on the side as “ALS”


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    Karen G

    Thank you both for your replies.
    A visit to vet yesterday revealed the Beagle’s kidney issue has advanced and we have to make a hard choice. Leaning towards spoiling her with filet mignon and ice cream before saying goodbye.
    Pomeranian has acute pancreatitis so bland diet for a week (poor little guy).
    Poodle is doing great, up 6lbs since last month and yet body fat content is great so she’ll stay on what she’s been in for now.
    Thank again!

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