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    What do you guys put on your dogs after you give them a bath to help their coat shine?

    I know HDM said she uses Mink Oil and I’ve looked it up but only see the one from Bio-Groom and people say that it has a funky chemically smell to it and doesn’t contain an ingredient list on the bottle? And also has sun screen in it? Is that added or is it something natural that Mink Oil does on it’s own? Anyone know?

    I heard of another person using Argan Oil but know nothing about it.

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    Sorry, no help here as my pugs rarely get bathed but I thought a shiny coat came from “within”. I did notice though that when I added raw food and fish oil that my black one was softer and shinier. I get alot of dull black/rusty black fosters.

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    I used to use oil on my horses coat, but I found that dust was attracted to it then. That defeated the purpose. A shiny coat should come from within.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I use the bio groom mink oil. It has a smell to it when it’s in the bottle – but I don’t think it smells bad after it’s on the dog, actually I think the dogs smell really fresh/clean when they dry. The sunscreen properties are from the ingredients – it’s water, mink oil, mineral oil, wheat germ oil, isopropyl and fragrance. I actually use it partly because of the sun protective properties (dogs can get skin cancer too and their coats can bleach out if they’re in the sun alot) and it just makes them so soft and sleek. It does not attract dust or dirt – it actually helps repel dust and dirt once they dry. I agree with Patty and Sandy in that healthy dogs should have good coat quality – but I don’t see why that would mean you wouldn’t want to use a coat conditioner when you do bathe your dog. I think you’ll find, however, on a high quality diet dogs rarely need to be bathed (I only bathe mine a few times a year).

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Oh – I also like/use the Earthbath after- bath spritzes. My favorite is the Tea Tree and Aloe (de-ionized water, natural conditioners, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamin e, tea tree oil).

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