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    Joey B

    Good morning! First time poster, here. But my english bulldog, Roscoe, is almost 2 years old, and lately I’ve noticed that his stool has gotten very loose (not runny, more like soft-serve ice cream.. sorry for the description!!!)

    I’ve been feeding him limited ingredient Nutro lamb and rice (Limited Ingredient Diet – Lamb & Whole Brown Rice Natural Dry Dog Food : NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® Dog Foods – The Nutro Company), and it’s just now started to become more noticeable that his stool doesn’t have the right consistency.

    Any recommendations for bullies that won’t upset their stomachs? Thanks in advance! : )

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    NutriSource is easy to transition to, and I think, so is Earthborn.

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    Hi Joey-
    In addition to switching to one of the above mentioned foods, I would add digestive enzymes or some plain canned pumpkin. I know that it makes a big difference in my dog’s stools. There are many available. Right now, I’m using Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form. Good luck!

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    Hi Joey, I’m trying the Wellness Simple Duck & Oatmeal kibble.. the Wellness Simple range has limited ingredients…also I’d give a good dog probiotic this helps with sloppy poos & yes the pumkin also helps…. for breakfast Ive been mixing small tin of tuna in spring water, drain the spring water & mix with boiled pumkin not too much pumkin about 2 tablespoons.. google “Dr Karen Becker probiotics” she has a 14 strain dog probiotic..there may be another good one that other people on here use… also I have to get kibbles low in Fat% as that was making Patches poos sloppy.. the Simple Duck & Oatmeal is only 11% fat…

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    Holly C

    I’m having the same issue with my 2 year old Havanese. A month ago he started with loose stools. I had the vet check his stools and no parasites etc. He’s been on Orijen and stella and chewys chicken since he’s a puppy. I want to try a lower protein food and see if that helps. I have to check the fat content – that a very good point. He’s been on a probiotic which seems to help a bit. He’s a picky eater so this is a real challange. The Wellness sounds promising. Thanks for the suggestion- I’ll give it a try.

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    Holly C

    Just an update, I switched to Nature’s Variety Prairie Chicken and Brown Rice and so far my Havanese had been perfect and he loves the food. The Protein is 22.5% as opposed to 38% in the Orijen and the fat is 13% as opposed to 18% . I’ve even added back a little Stella and Chewys as a topper and his stool is fine. Good Luck.

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    Joey-It tends to be a dog to dog thing rather than a general breed thing. My English Bulldog eats the same as every one else here-4-5star grain free dry and raw etc. Granted Eggs give him gas, lol, but no issues with food in general. It may be that your boy has grain issues.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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