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    Rachel W

    We have a 7 month old german short haired pointer, and he has been on raw food for around a month now. He’s done really well on it. For fun (!), we’ve measured the height of our puppy every week since we got him, and he was growing ~1/2 an inch each week. He hasn’t grown a millimeter since we started with the raw. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Or coincidental? Or anything else? Any advice or anecdotes would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Andrea O

    I have read in several places where it states that raw diets allow the dog to grow at the rate they’re naturally suppose to. Commercial dry dog foods have too many proteins, carbs and make the dogs grow too quickly which in turn causes serious structure issues in the dog like hip dysplasia for example. It’s a good thing he has slowed down. It’s just like the chickens they feed in feed lots, they over do the carbs, proteins, steroids etc to get them unnaturally big fast. Dry dog food works in same way with puppies. Check out Dr Karen Becker on facebook. She’s amazing and goes into great detail in her short videos about this. She also has a video out called Pet fooled, highly recommend.

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