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    Haley F

    Hello! I am purchasing a new food for my family’s 12 year old Chow Chow and 9 year old Westie. Unfortunately both doggies grew up on poor quality dog food 🙁 but i am trying to remain positive and think about the huge difference Fromm is going to make! I would like some advice on whether a senior formula is really more beneficial or if it will yield the same nutritional results as the adult formula. Here is a little info on each:

    Calories- 3636
    Protein- 23.99
    Fat- 12.60
    Fiber- 3.54

    Calories- 4168
    Protein- 26.96
    Fat- 16.63
    Fiber- 3.6

    I really want to provide the best possible food for the remainder of their lives!

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    I don’t read the bags that closely, who knows how accurate they are.
    And all dogs are different. My senior small breed does well on Wysong Senior softened in water overnight in the fridge with a liitle cooked chicken or lean meat or scrambled egg.
    He also does well on Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea.
    Supplements as indicated.

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    Hi- Fromm is an excellent food. I use it for my 1yr old pitbull. Which Fromm formula is that for the senior? The Family Classics Mature? Senior dogs do have a higher protein requirement as they age because they can’t process protein as well. However, the problem is that most senior formulas are really too low in quality animal protein.

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    Haley F

    Yes it is the Classics Mature and Classic! I feed my puppy Fromm’s as well and he loves it!

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