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    We rescued a 2-3 year old Husky/Malamute from the shelter in December. He is a sweet boy with some aggression issues, but we believe he was abused. He has the most sensitive stomach ever. He once got to ONE chicken nugget and I have never seen so much puke in my life….it was so gross. Any people food he will throw up or get massive diarrhea and gas, which is not fun for the rest of us. We actually had to take him to the vet and almost went through surgery because he hadn’t eaten in a week because his food was causing him issues. The wrong food or treats sets him back for weeks. He is now on Taste of the Wild salmon recipe which h he is doing ok on but he still gets stomach aches every once in a while.We dont want to completely change his diet and choose another food (which got us into that situation when he wouldn’t eat). We talked to our trainer and she said to try puppy formula for treats and such. However, we found Taste of the Wild had a puppy formula and it is salmon too! We instantly bought it for him since we know puppy formula’s are easier on the stomach. I just want to clarify that he can eat this. I’ve seen many posts saying its too high in calories and fattening.

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    I would make an appointment with a Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist and get an accurate diagnosis.
    There is obviously something wrong with this dog that a simple dietary change cannot fix.
    Probably why the dog was given up.
    I would not experiment with trying all types of different foods as you can make the problem worse.
    You need a specialist to get to the root of the problem, asap.

    PS: Don’t underestimate his aggression issues, keep him away from children and other pets.
    Trainers are not licensed veterinary healthcare professionals.
    And NO, I do not think giving puppy food to an adult dog is a good idea.
    Will it cause him harm? Who knows…

    Again, consult a vet that has examined the dog.

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    right now he is on Prosac and is doing so much better ,He is actually pretty good with kids and other dogs but gets too excited somtimes. I own a chinchilla, birds, and geckos as well and he is very gentle. He knows when to be gentle, and he know when its time to have fun and play. He was actually found as a stray with no ID. We’ve been to the vet several times and each time they do a full examination and so far they said he is fine. Next vet appointment I will mention it. We mix in a pro/prebiotics with digestive enzymes in his food and omega 3 oils and this helps alot.

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    Sounds good. I am glad you are working closely with a veterinarian.
    My dogs do well on Fromm Adult Classic (1949 recipe) as a base.

    I have also heard good things about Purina Pro Plan Focus Salmon for Sensitive Skin and Stomach
    Maybe he would do better on canned food?
    I always add a little water and a topper to kibble.

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    So is that a yes on the puppy foodXD. He seems to like it but I dont know if its exactlty healthy for an adult dog. I know its a very controversial subject since some says its to high in calories and is very fattening but ive heard others say its higher in protein and easier on the stomach.

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    I would not feed an adult dog “puppy food” unless your vet specifically recommended it for some reason and explained the rationale.

    Again, consult a veterinarian that has examined your dog. I am not a veterinary nutritionist so therefore I cannot answer your question.

    Good luck.

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    christine v

    I feed my adult Orijen puppy and Holistic select small mini breed puppy, he’s a small dog and prefers smaller kibble. The ingredients are exactly the same in the puppy vs adult, except with Orijen, 20% fat in the puppy instead of 18%, and there’s a 1% difference in the holistic select.

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    Shavon P

    Better to consult with your vet because it is hard to suggest any diet if he has stomach issues. Yes, you can keep him on puppy’s diet because it is digestible as compared to the dog one. Mayhap, your vet would able to suggest some natural supplements and medicine for his recovery. Then, you can start using the normal diet gradually.

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