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    Anyone have any advice on transitioning allergy prone dogs to new supplements? My experience has been that I will try a new whole food supplement, joint product, enzyme or probiotic and within days my dogs are a hot itchy mess. I try to change only one thing at a time to try to test drive a product.

    Needless to say, I’ve tried a lot of products. Not sure on how long to wait before deciding if a product is working or adding to their allergies.

    Looking for some feedback…..thanks, Dawn

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    If your dogs are on something that they are not reacting to, you should be able to tell very quickly if something you are adding is messing with them. At the first sign of hot skin, itchiness, eye or ear discharge assume it isn’t working and immediately go back to what was working. Note how long it took for you to be able to tell and what signs you saw first. Then after things go back to normal again, if you want to test if it was your imagination or not, you can try again and watch for the same or more reaction to appear again. I can tell my dogs is feeling moist and hot within 6 hours of giving him something that doesn’t agree with him, but my husband can’t tell the difference. Good luck.

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