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    Courtney M

    I have a 19w ACD puppy, I am having some trouble finding a food that I am 100% comfortable with. I started her with Taste of the Wild but she was not fond of the flavor, and I was kinda sketch that they were manufactured through Diamond (I know they haven’t had any recent issues but still) as well as the AAFCO statement says “all life stages” and I would prefer one that says “growth and gestation/lactation” instead.

    I now have her on Fromm Gold puppy, which she enjoys but I am not too fond of the idea of feeding a food that has cheese in it regularly, even though with where it is on the label, and after all the processing its probably a very small amount which is the only thing that makes me feel a little ok with it.

    I am debating switching to the Wellness Puppy Complete Health or Pro Plan but I am not sure. The thing about the ProPlan is that the chicken that is the first ingredient is going to be a way smaller amount then the rice that is in it, and even though they are one of the companies that do feed testing I still am not sure that is something I want to feed, as well as the ProPlan puppy is also labeled for “all life stages”, but if I am going to feed something for “all life stages” I would trust a company that does the feed testing over one that doesn’t.

    I am not sure what throws me off about the Wellness Complete Health, looks like the formula recently got an upgrade and a lot of some fillers seem to have been removed.

    Looking for some input, or other advice for diets in the same price range. She has no allergies or sensitivities. I am not all about the high protein/grain free fad that is going on right now so not looking for anything crazy.

    Thanks! Sorry for long read!

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    Caryn B

    I had my morkie on Blue for a while. Switched her to Acana after checking out this site. I’m happy with it. She seems to like the food.

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    I’ll second Acana. If I fed kibble, that’s the brand I would choose.

    I’ve seen many dogs do well on Orijen (their sister brand), however some do not as it seems to be a bit “rich.”

    It’s just my own opinion, but I am not a fan of ProPlan even though certain dogs do well with it.

    Best of luck!

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    Susan W

    While you’re looking around, look at the VeRUS Pet Food website. There is a lot of information there and if you have specific questions, you can contact them & they’ll actually answer you. Actually, the VP will likely be the one who answers & she’s really smart.
    I got started feeding VeRUS because I needed a good dog food that had never had a recall. VeRUS has been making/selling food for almost 30 years & they’ve never had a recall. NO RECALLS! They have several formulas/flavors for both puppy and adult dogs.
    I have 2 dogs – one is a healthy, happy, sensitive tummy mutt. I started feeding VeRUS a little over a year ago & neither of my dogs eat grass anymore (unless they eat something gross that isn’t dog food). Little miss sensitive tummy has no trouble with this food. It has also helped her to stop being so itchy.
    I could (and have, on other posts) go on & on about all the things I love about this dog food but I won’t. I WILL tell you that VeRUS will send you free samples of their food – whichever they think will work best for your dog – instead of sending coupons. I really appreciated that they went to that effort.

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    Susan W

    BTW – you can order it thru PetFlow & have it auto-delivered which is really handy!

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