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    I’m switching my 6 month old chihuahua/dachshund over to Acana Regionals. But I’m having a hard time choosing which of the four varieties to buy. Does the protein source make a big difference? He is currently on purina one puppy from his previous owner.. Would one Acana flavor work better than another as a transition? My goal is to eventually rotate his food, but I have to start somewhere.

    Anyone recommend a specific Acana Regionals flavor?

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    Since that is a big change, try one that has ingredients in common to start with and transition slowly. Add more of the new food only when you see that his stool is good. Have canned pure pumpkin on hand to add to his food, if he should get loose stools. And consider adding probiotics and digestive enzymes while transitioning and for a bit after.

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    Is there another quality food that would be an easier transition for him?

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    And would yogurt be a good probiotic to add?

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    I like to suggest NutriSource as a transition food because dogs usually switch to it pretty easily. Yogurt is ok, but not great, as a source of probiotics. It usually only has 3 different strains of probiotics. Kefir, which can be found in the yogurt aisle, is much better with about 10 different strains.

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    I second Patty’s NutriSource recommendation. It does seem to be very easy to transition to for most dogs. Last year, I had to switch my Golden pup cold turkey and he had no problem. I used the Adult Chicken & Rice formula. It would be a big step up from the Purina One and then you’d be able to make the transition to the Acana much more easily.

    Also, it’s a good idea to choose foods to use in a rotational feeding plan that are not only different proteins, but different manufacturers as well to avoid prolonged exposure to not so desirable ingredients and to add in beneficial ingredients not used in one particular food you like.

    I have a Cavalier that can eat anything who is just over two years old and I don’t know if she’s ever eaten the same thing twice. My Golden has yeast issues and I have to be very particular about what I feed him, but am always trying new things for him to hopefully find another food that he does great on. Sam does best on Horizon Legacy and Canine Caviar and does well on a couple of other foods, but I’m always searching for another that he does great on to make part of his regular rotation.

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