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    Hello need help first time breeding my English bulldog she is 4weeks pregnant I’m feeding her 4 cups a day of acana pacifica it has .02 sodium is this ok for my English bulldog 1.6yr old 1st time mommy pls help is acana pacifica ok for my preg bulldog. Pls give me advice

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    + I’m giving her iberet with 400 mcg folic acid pls help I’m
    Afraid to have anasarca walrus water babies pls help panic mode here

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    Sorry to be rude, but shouldn’t you know this kind of thing before you take on the responsibility of breeding a dog?

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    I will agree with Betsy a bit: breeding a dog is a lot of responsibility, and there are way too many pups out there who need homes already…I respect and understand breeding to improve a certain breed, or if there’s a possible accident (three of the four dogs I had came from “accidental” breedings)….

    Anyways, the breeding happened, nothing anybody can do to change it…

    I found some pages with info on care for a prenant dog. One says to use Alpo or Pedigree canned if she starts losing weight – if you’d need to add canned food, make sure it’s a quality brand, for sure.



    My biggest advice is to keep doing your research on proper care. Acana sounds like a great food to be on, it’s full of lots of quality proteins and fats. Maybe even trying to add some raw meat to get her extra proteins/fats?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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