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    Deborah G

    I have confirmed 7 dogs in two different households diagnosed with pancreatitis (confirmed with blood work) after eating the Acana Heritage Meat Formula Dog Food that is now processed in Kentucky (rather than Canada). The Acana Heritage Meat Formula is the only common denominator. I have made a complaint this evening with the FDA in Seattle and they are investigating.
    Anyone else?

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    I have found, when Patch eats a kibble that’s high in Kcals per cup over 370, he starts his whinging with his pancreas pain, I started him on Canidae Pure Land about 1-2 months ago it smelt beautiful, nice small kibbles that digest easy but after 3 days eating the Canidae Pure Land he had his pancreas pain & wouldn’t eat it no more….I looked at the Kcals per cup & it was 474Kcals per cup, that’s when I started looking at the Kcals in all the kibbles he’s been eaten & had his pain & realised, when the Kcals are high over 370Kcal per cup, that’s when he gets pancreas pain…… He’s eating Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb- 338Kcal per cup & eating TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon-360Kcals per cup & has no problems & no pain…..
    Have a look at the Kcal per cup…..My daughter said the kibble is more dense when higher in Kcals per cup, so kibble is harder to digest, more work on the pancreas…

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    Are all 7 dogs the same breed? Did you contact the company? I would think if there is an issue with the food, the company (given their perceived reputation,) might respond sooner than the FDA. Facebook is another option.

    As Susan said above, might be an issue where the dogs can’t handle this type of food, but if they are different breeds and haven’t had this problem before, it’s scary. That along with the plastic found in bags from the new plant.

    Just started my dog on Orijen, still from the Canada plant, but I’m nervous about the transition to Kentucky.

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    I just started my dogs on Orijen (Canada) as a base and so far I am pleased with the product. I find I can use less kibble because it is solid and higher in calories.
    I hope things don’t change.

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    Please go to their website and use their “Contact us” button and give them a heads up too.

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    Nicole C

    Pjmaxwellian did you find plastic in the new acana or someone else? What color was it and what formula? Hope it was reported to the company.

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