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    Sunny P

    Good day all
    I have labrador dog 8 months in age . He keep on changing his eating choice. For example he like to eat biscuits in evening but he left eating biscuits . Another example is he like to eat dog food but now he hates it . Is this normal or i have to get him to the doctor . Please advice.

    Thank you

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    Feed him measured amounts twice a day, add a little water to his food. I would use a high quality kibble as a base, a tablespoon or two of wet food or cooked chopped chicken or lean meat added.

    Some tips here under general guidelines http://www.homeovet.net/dynamic/php/downloads/dog-c8470f2c75dbe4b683205c3919ee2310/dog_diet_complete.pdf

    PS: Poor appetite and changes in appetite could be a red flag that something is wrong, if it continues more than 72 hours call your vet for advise.

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    Hi Sunny,
    I feed cooked chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, zucchini for breakfast, then for dinner I feed kibble, I change foods, I don’t feed the same food everyday… I have frozen cooked kangaroo rissoles that I made the other day, so today I added 2 small kangaroo rissole with Patches chicken & veggies & less chicken only 1/2 cup chicken instead of 1 cup chicken cause I added the Kangaroo, the next morning I add salmon with the chicken… they love sardines or salmon mixed thru a meal…

    Have you tried feeding a balanced raw diet, your dog may prefer a raw diet, my dog loves raw, but he regurgitates the raw when he burps then he gets his acid reflux, he has IBD so I cant feed raw….I don’t think you need to see a vet he’s just becoming a fussy dog, maybe a bit spoilt, so be careful when he refuses to eat something put it in the fridge after 10mins of it sitting on the floor & him not eating it & bring it back out 1-2 hours later when he’s hungry & see if he will eat it…. I always warm my boy food in microwave but once you heat it they have to eat it, you cant stick it back in fridge….they know how to do the sad puppy eyes & look at you real sad, so you feel guilty & give them what they want & he’s a pup, so he’s working out what he can get away with…

    What are you feeding him?? maybe its yuk or he ate it,then felt sick,I had a boxer & my old cat, they would eat something once maybe twice then if the food made them feel sick & or have diarrhea then they wouldn’t eat it again….

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