A tribute to 14 year old Akita, Pearl RIP 5/19/12

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    Ray M

    God called your name so gently
    That only you could hear.
    No one heard the footsteps
    Of the Angel drawing near.
    Softly from the shadows
    There came a gentle call.
    You closed your eyes and went to sleep.
    You quietly left us all

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    Beautiful tribute. May Pearl rest in peace my friend.

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    So sad i just recently lost an Akita. as the poster above said, may pearl rest in peace

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    Ray M

    Thank you so much – she will be with her big companion, who also died at 14, 4 years earlier, almost to the date. He was a wonderful dog, a downer dog for 7 months, where we learned patience, unconditional love, and a willingness to accept what happens to us. Uncannily, our Akita breeder had started raising Australian Shepherds, and had a litter that was conceived the night Pearl died, and she hypnotized us into taking not one, but two – a red Merle female (that she said named herself and planned to come to our house) and her black-tri, Bubba, who finally got us to realize that was his name – I had a brother who died at 46 years, who was my Bubba. It is amazing how things work out. We miss our Akitas, always will, but these two pups helped fill the hole in our hearts…..I hope you have a new companion, too.

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    Beautiful poem, thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss, it’s never easy to lose a family member… but its good that you got those little Aussie pups to ease the transition. 🙂 Much love.

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