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    joanne l

    Hi everyone, I have a neighbor that went into the hospital for memory loss, he is not coming out of the hospital and he has a dog that is living at his house and he has no family members and he don’t have a wife or kids. Other neighbors are taking care of him but the dog lives at night time by himself, so sad. The owner rescued him about 6 years ago and loved him very much. We cannot find a home for him. He is very sweet he is a German shepherd mix. My neighbor would love to take him but she has 2 little dogs and her dogs won’t accept him. He is well trained and good natured. I would take him but my GSD and him don’t get along. The neighbor that is taking care of him said to me I am gonna have to send him to a rescue, I felt terrible b/c he is 9 years old and I don’t know what they will do to him. My heart goes out to him I feel so bad, so I figured I would take a chance and see if anyone here would know someone that would want him, We live in Philadelphia so I don’t know if anyone is close by.
    Thank you.

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    Contact your local dog officer, they will help. Sending him to a rescue may be his best bet, especially if the owner provides medical records and such and makes a generous donation.

    NEVER JUST GIVE A DOG AWAY. Especially to a stranger on the internet. He could meet with a terrible fate.
    The rescue will do the best they can, some will send you a postcard when he is placed if you request. They will carefully vet prospective owners and follow up to make sure it’s a good placement.

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    There are a lot of GSD breed specific rescues out there, mainly because this is a breed that is frequently rehomed due to potential buyers not understanding working breeds. I’m sure there is one in the Philly area that could help you. A shelter is no place for a dog, especially not a 9 year old one. Look for a breed specific rescue dedicated to the GSD. If they have fosters available I’m sure they will help.

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    Here you go! http://www.gsr-sp.com/ https://www.charwillsgsdrescuekennels.com/

    Don’t know if these are close to you, but worth a phone call, imo

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    joanne l

    Thanks everyone I will call some rescue groups and hopefully they will find him a good home.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi joanne l:
    Here is a link to Shepherd rescues by state and one in the Philly area that specializes in senior Shepherds. Good luck, it’s very kind of you to help!

    This rescue specializes in Sr. Shepherds:

    List of GSD rescues by state:

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    Sue H

    Joanne, there are many good rescues around. Not sure where you are located, but here we have shelters that take in all animals and unless the animal bites someone (the state law), they keep the animal until it finds a home. They take in cats and dogs of every age and medical condition, birds, bunnies, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, farm animals, you name it. Make some calls and be sure to ask if they will care for the dog until a new owner is found. Wish you the best and thank your for caring about this boy!

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