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    Anna H

    I am looking for a good quality food that is high calorie for my Yorkie. She recently started loosing some weight. We had to adjust her diet to accommodate our other dog, but now she has become picky and we need to put a pound or two on her (she is a larger dog–optimal weight is 13-15 lbs, and she is loosing a few ounces every week. Currently around 12 lbs.). I am hoping for recommendations of a high quality/high calorie food. I realize there may be an adjustment period, but I fear the store brand we are using currently isn’t the best choice.

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    Zignature for a high quality kibble. Mighty Dog canned food, just a little mixed in to make it tasty, plus add a little warm water prior to serving.

    That’s what I would try, assuming medical/dental issues have been ruled out via vet exam and the dog does not have any dietary restrictions.
    Some seniors do better on soft food only.
    A friend has a 13 year old small breed that does well on Blue canned food.

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    Might try a puppy food until you can get weight on her. I know natures variety raw boost is a higher calorie food. But any good quality puppy food will likely be high in calories to put the weight back on her.

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    PLEASE see a vet, when a dog is being picky with food this is a sign the dog may have digestive problems…. Yorki’s are prone to Pancreatitis & need a lower fat diet, feeding a higher protein, higher Kcals diet nornally has higher fat as well & may cause more problems.. I’d be seeing a vet to do blood test to see why your dog is losing weight……Have you tried cooking some chickem Breast & Sweet Potato & freeze small meals? “Dr Judy Morgan” has some really good easy recipes you can make & freeze…

    Have a look at “Canidae” Pure Meadow Senior, it has supplements for aging dogs, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omega 3 & its low in fat-10.80%, Protein is 28% & the Kcals are 409, she will gain weight on this formula, if she doesnt have any health problems & she wont be getting the higher fat in her diet another really good dry food “Annamaet” Lean dogs do really well on but if she is fussy I’d be joining this group on face Book “Canine Pancreatitis Support Group” then look in the “Files” click on 2nd link “Low Fat Food” scroll down a bit & look at all the wet tin foods & the fat has been converted to Dry Matter (DM) heaps of good low-normal fat wet foods…..

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