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    Kerri30 C

    I rescued a puppy at 8 weeks old and was told to feed her Wellness puppy food.
    I have been doing that and she seemed to be ok. She loves cheese, peanut butter and milk bones dog treats. Pig ears were her usual nightly chewy treat.
    I brought her to the vet when diarrhea started about 3 weeks ago,, the fecal test came out negative, they suggested white rice and chicken which seemed to help. No more pig ears either which were her favorite.
    When I went back to the Wellness and the usual Milk bone mini dog treats it is coming back. I can’t figure out what it is. Since I do not know what breed she is (possible setter/beagle/? mix) I am at a loss as to whether there is a specific breed related allergy. She is about 32 lbs and nine months old now. Is is possible that the Wellness grain free food isn’t good for her?
    Thanks for any advice!

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    Some of the Wellness formulas are loaded with potato…I would discontinue. Consider Fromm Classic Adult, add a little water and a topper, a bit of crumbled boiled egg, boiled chopped chicken meat or something.


    PS: do a gradual transition, 1/2 and 1/2, new food and old for at least a couple of weeks.
    I would eliminate the milk bones and all snacks at least for the time being. Always have fresh water available 24/7.

    I bet the pig ears were the culprit, no good. Stay away from processed snacks. Try a frozen raw carrot (when the dog is stable) not baby carrots, they are bleached/chemically treated and a choking hazard due to their size.

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    joanne l

    Hi I would try to cut out the milk bones and or try a food with some grains in it. I heard that puppies do better with grains. Holistic Select makes a good line and it is made by wellness also Fromm like the other post said that is good also. But use grain in diet right now.What type of protein are you feeding now?

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    Hi Kerri,
    I would stop MILK BONES as they are high in fat.. do not give any treats, use her dry kibble for treats for training….
    Which Wellness Formula are you feeding the “Complete Health Puppy” formula that has grains? or the “Wellness Core Puppy”? the Wellness Core Puppy has Lentils, try & avoid Lentils as they can irritate the Bowel… Potato & Sweet Potato normally firm up poos…

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