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    We recently bought a Pug puppy (we was 7 weeks at the time). The store told us they had no idea what brand of food he was on prior to them getting him but they put him on Royal Canin puppy. He was only at the pet store for a few hours before we bought him. He received a free bag of the food to take home & he has been on it for 6 days now. His stool is getting softer and softer and he seems to be going #2 more than normal. I did a little research on here about food and found that the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Puppy was a 5 star brand. I think we are going to make the switch over to that. He is eating 1/4c 3 times a day (vet recommended to reduce from 1/3c 3 times). Is this a good food choice for a pug this young? or should I be looking at another brand?

    Thank you to anyone who helps!

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