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    I am very satisfied with 4Health dry food for my dog. I have a question about which adult food would be better for my pup. My trainer said I should go with the higher protein one, 4Health Performance, another person suggested the adult large breed formula. I have a 9 month old Bernese Mt, Shepherd mix. He is 63 pounds, tall and lean, healthy shiny coat. He did great on the puppy food and handles both of the a fore mentioned formulas fine. I am not looking to switch brands, just which of these would be best for his diet moving forward. You give the performance 4.5 stars. Note: My pup did not do well on grain free food at all.

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    Of those two, my choice would be Performance because it is higher in protein (30% vs. 24%) and in kcal/cup ( 376 kcal/cup vs. 327 kcal/cup) which I would take as getting more nutrition and energy out of the same amount of food.

    Too bad your pup did not do well on grain-free food. Which one(s) did you try? My English Setter pup is almost 6 months and I was thinking of trying one of 4Health’s grain-free foods some time after she turns 10 months.

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