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    Sara G

    I am teetering between Victor Yukon River Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free (order online) and Tractor Supply 4health Grain-Free Whitefish & Potato (local pickup) (and less expensive though I will pay more for better)…Does anyone know how the 4Health stacks up? Does it have a fatal flaw? Thank you.

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    Hi Sara,
    rotate between the 2 different brands, it’s best to rotate & feed a few different brands of kibble that have different meat proteins as well, so if 1 brand isn’t balanced properly or has something wrong with it your dog isn’t eating the same food 24/7 yr after yr causing health problems….

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    Hi Sara-
    No fatal flaw that I’ve heard about! As Susan said, go ahead and give them both a try! I also like to rotate brands and flavors.
    I have fed Victor off and on with no issues. Have not fed 4Health…yet, anyway.

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    Sara G

    Thank you, Susan!

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    Sara G

    Thank you, Crazy4cats!

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    Jina U

    We have used 4 Health for many years and NEVER had any issues. We have always fed the Salmon and Potato but just switched to the grain free Whitefish for a change. They love it. My dad uses Victor and won’t use anything else…lol. But before he found it he had been feeding 4 Health. Victor is easily accessible to him…us not so much. I’ve looked into both 4 Health/Victor varieties and both are 4/5 star foods.

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