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    I own, likely one of the pickiest GSDs I have ever known in my entire life, having known a great many of them throughout my childhood. Leda (2 as of Dec 2016) has never particularly been a great eater, with her interest in a certain line of food waning even as quickly as a month. So we’ve adopted the habit of switching out her flavors and even rotating through a variety of brands. However, she’s also pretty allergy prone, and cannot tolerate any fish.

    I’ve always had her on grain free – since I picked her up at 8 weeks we started on Wellness puppy. However, her pickiness and allergies (even for fish oils which are mega common and sadly one of her favorites) have always made trying new foods (especially the really nice quality ones) difficult because I can’t afford to constantly sample different brands, and a 4 lb sample bag doesn’t even feed the dogs for one day. (2 others in the house)

    Recently however after a move I took her to a new local vet who suggested some of the dreaded 2 star foods because in her words ‘ grain free diets are too high protein ‘ sometimes. At the end of my sad little rope, I got her a bag of Purina One SmartBlend, which is 2 stars and still 40+ dollars for a month which makes me cringe-y and sad.

    And Leda is SO much better. Her coat is better, her stool is better, she’s SO much less itchy and generally a lot happier now that her skin issues are clear for an extended period of time.

    But MY main stumbling block is that I’m feeding her something that I’d rather not support the production of, for the same cost as some really really dog foods.

    So, I seek your help here; Can anyone recommend me some approximately four star, (40-55$ for approx. 33-40lbs) foods that have flavors completely free of fish products, but also wouldn’t be too high in protein to upset her? They don’t necessarily have to be grain exclusive, or grain inclusive, really the protein content is what appears to be important.

    Thanks in advance from Leda, Frodo, Samwise and Athena <3

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    Susan W

    My mom feeds her dog Purina One SmartBlend. However, I’ve had the dog for about 6 months (due to an injury w/Mom) & started feeding her what I feed mine – VeRUS. They have several formulas that have ingredients other than fish, and they are about to release 3 of their formulas in a grain-free alternative. If you go to their website (veruspetfoods.com) and fill out the contact form, the VP will email you & ask about any conditions with your dog, then she’ll send you free samples of the food formula that best fits your dog. These are NICE samples, too. VeRUS has never had a recall in almost 30 years of production. Check out their website – there’s a lot of great info there!

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    Hi, I feed “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb, the Australian TOTW formula has no Fish meal or Fish Oil it has Canola oil instead, Protein is 25%, fat-15% ..
    My boy cant have any kibbles with Salmon Oil or Fish Oils he gets bad acid reflux, you’d have to look thru all the TOTW formulas ingredient list …
    I think the American TOTW Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb formula has Canola Oil & Salmon Oil.. have a look at ingredient list. http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/#dog-formulas

    Also have a look at “Canidae” Formulas there’s their Pure range or their Life Stages range http://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products

    “Holistic Select” make single protein formulas, the Duck Meal & Rice & the Lamb Meal & Rice, both have no fish meal or fish oil..
    Holistic Select have just brought out their Large Giant breed formula Chicken Meal & it has NO FISH or fish Oil…. low in protein around 26% fat-14%.
    You have to read all the formulas ingredients list cause they are all a bit different which is a good thing, nothing like finding a brand & all the formulas have the same ingredients except the main proteins are different..

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