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    We just got the diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease for my 3yr old Standard Poodle. We’ve tried raw (Darwin’s Zoologic Turkey), multiple high-end dog foods (Sojos, Acana, etc), and I’ve cooked him turkey/rice. So far nothing has worked. The vet wants to put him on high dose of Prednisone. I’m a bit worried about the long term consequences of steroids. Can anyone suggest a food — either homemade or “commercial” that has worked for them? I feel like I’m running out of options.

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    I’m boosting this up so more will see it. The only thing I’ve ever heard of to help with Crohn’s disease is feeding coconut.

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    I have a 8 year old Schnoodle that was diagnosed with severe IBD or crohn’s disease about 6 years ago. We have had success with Royal Canine Venison and Potato but have also had to change foods over the years. The Royal Canine Venison and Potato had the longest period of good results for us. His body decided after about 3 years it would no longer accept it and after several trials we found a Hills Low Allergy product that worked but unfortunately they discontinued it. They had an alternative that we have been on for a few months but in October 2013 a flare up started and we have been trying to find a new food and just get him better again. We have been trying Purinas HA but not having any success. The vet has agreed to trying another so we have Royal Canine PR on rush order.

    I completely understand the concern with Prednisone but we have had to use it now since he was diagnosed and I’ve come to accept it is all about the management of it. We have had several flare ups and am dealing with one of the worst at this time. When we get it under control, we have him on a VERY SMALL dosage. We had him on 2.5 MG every 4th day for several years and then had some small flare ups and went to 3 every 3rd day and it was much better. They key we have learned is to identify a flare up coming and hit it hard to wipe it out right away. If we see diarrhea starting, the vet had us give him 10 MG for a day, then 5 MG the next, 2.5 MG the following, and then we would go every day for for about a week and continue to tier until back to the every 3rd day. Our dog is 30 lb when he is at his right weight – in 2008 he was so bad he was down to 20 lb and the specialists didn’t know if he would make it. He bounced back from it and has done very well over the years so I hope this helps you.

    Right now I’m looking for additional food options myself and am trying to be proactive in finding additional options. I’ve heard that some will cook home diets that include ostrich and also kangaroo. I’ve not tried coconut. I did boil lamb with rice for a period when he was really bad….he loved it and at the price, I was glad that he did. When his stools were very soft we added a tablespoon of pumpkin and found it helpful.

    I hope this info gets to you and is helpful. I’m looking to connect with other pet parents that are dealing with this condition so if you happen to find other online sources, please reply with them. Thanks!

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    Kerry W

    My Dog has just been diagnosed with this also…Lab-pointer cross, full of life, 5yrs and now vomiting and diarrhea bouts for 3 weeks. Have been on all the medications, not steroids – yet.

    We tried Eukanuba veterinary diet, worked for a couple of days, then relapse. Then, tried Royal Canin hypoallergenic kibble and cans – same again. WOrked for a couple of days, then relapsed. Now not sure what to try 🙁 Maybe potatoes and something else. We tried raw chicken first, but she doesn’t tolerate that. Nor cooked chicken. Then tried raw beef, comes straight back up 🙁

    Perhaps we will try and fine the royal canine venison and potato option

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    Regina L

    My cocker has the same problem. I have tried hills i/d prescription diet food, it helped manage the disease. I tried also the z/d hills food but it didn’t helped, she had problems again. And now she is eating instinct’s salmon kibble. It has been good so far.

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