35 lb Shepherd mix medium or large breed???

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    Wendy E

    We just rescued/adopted an 8 month old (?) German Shepherd mix puppy. No vet visit yet but all up to date on vaccines, neuter etc. what size category for feeding should she be? Medium or Large? The adoption rep said she was most likely full grown.
    We are continuing her food of Kirkland Puppy Kibble as of now. Not sure when or if to transition. Thank you!

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    If you think she will be 40/50 pounds or more as an adult, I would feed a large breed puppy food to be on the safe side.
    And no, I doubt that she is fully grown at 8 months. That can happen with small breeds but not larger ones.

    Another thought, if you are not 100% sure of her birthdate she could very well be a little older….
    Sometimes a vet can tell by examining their teeth.

    Shelters often minimize age to make the pup more desirable for adoption. Sometimes only by a few months, or they may be going by the little information that they have.

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    Wendy E

    Thank you for the reply. Originally the foster mom said she was two years old, then when we signed paperwork the adoption rep said 8 months but no known birthdate because she was a stray. I guess we will wait for the vet visit and time will tell! Thanks again!

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