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    The vet recommended a water additive to help with our dogs teeth after a cleaning and extractions.

    They also recommended a larger kibble for the smallest dog, a Maltese, who has the worst teeth of the three and is the youngest (5 yrs old).

    The other dogs are a Maltipoo and a Morkie.

    Any suggestions on best practices ?

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    I use this toothbrush for our maltese but haven’t found a natural toothpaste I like so I use it with Mercola’s tooth gel.

    I use a baby finger toothbrush for my younger maltese b/c she fights me less than when I use the above brush.

    Sea Dent can be sprinkled on food, it’s natural and I’ve heard it works well.

    I read it’s a myth that dry food cleans the teeth. What is the water additive your vet recommends?

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    I don’t use dental chews for my pets. I brush their teeth once a day with chicken flavored toothpaste, they consider it a treat. (YouTube has excellent how to videos). I have had very good results.
    I consider dental chews and water additives to be breath fresheners, at best. They do nothing to remove tarter from the back and sides.
    I don’t use bones anymore either, due to the risk of broken teeth and GI disturbances I encountered.

    PS: I like Petrodex 6.2 oz tube, Chewy.com has a good price. The trick is to brush at least once a day. Small breeds tend to have lousy teeth. The daily brushing will make a BIG difference. I don’t bother with chews, powders or any of that gobbledygook, it is the abrasive scrubbing motion that does the work, I even have one of my dogs used to a battery operated toothbrush which provides good brushing motion.
    I add a splash of water to their food also, it helps to cleanse, a lot of dogs don’t drink enough water and small breeds are prone to bladder stones if they don’t consume enough.

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    You may find this site helpful. Often the comments are informative too. Discuss with your vet.

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    Here is a link to a website that lists Veterinary Oral Health Council accepted products for dogs and cats: http://www.vohc.org/accepted_products.htm

    Hope this helps!

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    jakes mom

    It is a myth that kibbles clean teeth. Would you eat cookies instead of brushing your teeth? Same idea.
    Look into Pro-Den Plaque off, you sprinkle on their food. I have used it with success and have heard the same from others. No matter what else you add to food or water, you need to brush their teeth. I use coconut oil and a bit of baking soda. Most dogs like coco oil and it has many benefits. I use a finger brush, kind of looks like a sewing thimble, my dog tolerates that better than a regular brush. Could also try wrapping some gauze around your finger and rubbing with that. Keep trying, dental care is so important, especially with small dogs.

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