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    95% sure my pup is a Black Mouth Cur, adopted in Nov. at 10 mos., now 17 mos., about 55 lbs. Had her on Blue Wilderness, first puppy then adult. She’s a pretty high energy pooch, good thing we have a fairly large fenced yard.

    I’m done with Blue anything. A short while ago, she seemed to be moving at a slower pace, turning her nose up at food, then became lethargic, had diarrhea, slept all day. Went 24 hrs. without food, then gave her rice and chicken. She seemed like herself again within another 24 hrs. Decided to change her food sooner than planned. Was going to anyway, had one more bag to buy to get my freebie. My head was spinning after all the dog food research. So, I bit the bullet and bought a bag of Orijen Regional Red (still Canada.) She went nuts over it. Even the cat wanted it. I have the food and water bowls raised (plant stands are perfect) and although the cat does drink out of the water bowl, I’ve never seen her race to the dog food bowl at feeding time.

    Anyway, she’s been on the food for nearly a week. Her energy level is off the charts, and she seems hungry a lot of the time, comes inside and first points to the food bowl, then the treat cabinet. Stools are just right. I was giving her 1 cup of the Red twice a day, but I think I have to increase it.

    The main reason I’m posting, is that I love Orijen Red, hope they take a long while before it comes out of Kentucky. But, I can’t really afford it all the time. I’d like to alternate, maybe every 2 bags of something else, with a bag of Red. Does that seem like a good or bad idea?

    I’m just buying 5 lb bags now, until I’m sure the new foods fit her. I like grain-free, no GMOs, human-grade quality, at a reasonable price if possible. I’m OK ordering online, but would be nice to find something also available locally. I’m not sure about Acana yet, would like to see more reviews/results on the Kentucky food. Castor and Pollux Organix was a possibility (I actually bought a bag of Salmon and Peas but haven’t tried it) until I became aware of the Purina connection.

    I’ve been looking at Petcurian food, Now Fresh and Go! Not sure if I can get it locally, I’ll have to check. I do like the ingredient info on their website, especially their statement on human-grade ingredients.

    There’s always Taste of the Wild. Could probably alternate every bag (of Red) instead of every 2 with the price of this one.

    Guess I’m looking for something between TOTW and Orijen Red in price.

    I could use some other opinions on my thoughts here, both on the rotation idea and a new brand.

    Thank you.

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    I am impressed with Orijen 6 Fish as a base, I am finding I can use less kibble because it is higher in calories and solid.
    I mix Nutrisca with it because my dog with allergies has done well on this food. I use the fish and chicken flavors. I may use Orijen for the morning meal and Nutrisca for evenings…or I may just continue to mix them, the Nutrisca has smaller kibble.
    My neighbor’s dog does well on Fromm.

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