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    Travis A

    I have 2 littermate brothers neutered but done at very young age under 5 weeks when done. I bought them off my friends sister who couldn’t take care of them and needed the money so i figured i would take them in as i was looking for a dog to get anyways. Well i’ve read on opinions and suggestions online about having 2 puppies at the same time and EVERYONE says not to do it and that they will only attach to eachother and won’t listen and this and that but I have had my boys since about 5-6 weeks old and and they show me individual attention and LOVE giving kisses and being loved on either together or apart, they play together slightly rough at times but not too bad and they can be loving on eachother too. The only real issue here is that i haven’t been able to get them on regular walks so their leash behavior is not very good they are just excited and want to pull. And it’s a bit more difficult getting them to learn tricks such as paw and whatnot, they sit just fine i’m working on the shake part though. So i agree it’s extra difficult to train them for tricks but they mind pretty well and don’t destroy too much but i was wondering if maybe putting them in Obedience classes would work, can you do that without being there and it still be effective let’s say if i wanted to just get them better on a leash? They sleep together too so idk if i’m in a rare situation but they seem to be just fine on their own when they are as well so i don’t see the signs of most of the warnings for the 2 puppy thing, any suggestions on the extra stuff to help my boys be better behaved on a leash and with tricks??

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    A lot of people say the same thing about getting two pups at once, especisaally littermates. I personally think it was started by some one who failed miserably at raising two at once, and needed an excuse, besides it is their fault. I have had many siblings together, and never an issue. With that said, you need to practice obedience etc one on one. You and one pup. Do not walk them together until you know each one individually knows what is expected.

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