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    Karen J

    Because of the appearance of Struvite Crystals, I changed Trixie’s diet to Canidae and/or Wellness Casserole, grain free. Organic chicken jerky treats from Maine and some freeze dried and organic grain free treats. No urination in the house and no crystals, new vets and more tests.

    We’re walking and hiking more and she was hungry I realized so I gave her 3 meals today (the sticky diarrhea started yesterday) , 2 little Wellness casseroles and Evo kibble(grain free) mixed with Canidae grain free.

    This started yesterday, before I realized she might be hungrier so maybe she ate something in the yard that she shouldn’t have.

    Also found a new vet. Yesterday and today diarrhea, sticky, smelly have to put her in the sink and wash her little tush, now she is wary of me poor baby used baby wipes on her too.

    She’s on D-Mannose, Vit C, and Glucosamine delivered via cream cheese. What to do about the diarrhea that won’t even drop off to the ground. It’s very gooey.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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