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    Julie S

    I have a 4yr old 14# Chihuahua mix male dog. Since late summer when he had a parasite infection he has had off and on issues with his appetite and very loose, gel-like foul smelling stools. His tummy will make the most horrible rumbling, swishing, swashing, gurgling rolling sounds prior too and after having a loose stool. His feces was just checked again under 2 weeks ago, again, and came up negative for reinfestation. He’s been on Science Diet Sensitive Tummy food that he will no longer touch. He’s been on Science Diet Small Breed Kibbles that he will no longer eat. After his last stool test he was put on 48hr fast, water only and then given Science Diet RX Canned Intestinal Support, 1-2 Tbs every couple hrs. He was also given for me to take home and administer Proviable 2ml every 8hrs, Proviable Capsules 1x daily until gone, and then Flagyl 250mg 1/2 tablet every 12hrs until gone. After he was done with the intestinal support canned dod food I made boiled skinless boneless chicken breast with boiled white rice, shredded up the chichen breast finely and added chemical free all natural chicken broth and fed to him in small amounts. His poop was firming up but he stopped eating the chicken and rice also. This whole time his poop never lost its horrid foul knock you out smell. His belly is back to making those horrid sounds and he’s done with all meds but has 2 doses of Proviable capsules left. His blood work was normal and I’ve seen 2 vets over this, both shared his records. I’m so frustrated I can’t get through to these vets that something is wrong with my baby and they don’t seem to care too much to get to the bottom of it. But the sure charge a fortune. We live in a very rural place and don’t have a large selection of vets to choose from to begin with. Now my little baby is back to rushing outside for frequent runny poos and eating grass for his tummy. He passes some really foul gas for such a sweet little guy. Poor guy.

    Can anyone offer suggestions as to what’s going on?? What more can I do for my little fella at home?

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    This may be IBS, IBD, Colitis, or any of several intestinal issues. Many of them are due to food reactions. Take a look at the ingredients list of the foods your dog has been on lately. Do they have ingredients in common, like chicken, or rice? Try looking for a food that does not contain the same protein and carb sources as what he has been eating. Also think abput ordering The Honest Kitchen”s Perfect Form. It has probiotics and other things that help calm the intestines and form up stools.

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    Hi Julie, I went thru this when I rescued my boy nilly 2 years ago, he had to take Metronizole (Flagy) for 2 weeks & was put on Royal Canin first due to his skin problems, then the fat % was 19% fat in the R/C HP it was toooo high…I ended up ringing the Royal Canin vets & the vet there said I should have him either on the “Sensiitivity Control” fat% is 9% fat or the “Gastro Low Fat” 7% fat..does ur vet have the Royal Canin diets… in the end vet put him on vet diet “Eukanuba Intestinal” low residue kibble this kibble breaks down easy & gives the stomach & bowel a rest, Fat is 10% fat, fiber is only 1.75%, I found if Patch is on a low fiber & low fat diet he doesnt have the rumbling bowel (Colitis) also my boy cant eat boiled rice its irratates his bowel more… after 1 year the vets said IBD…
    You said you live in a rural area, can you order food online?? stick with a low fat 10% & under & a low protein 23% or under kibble at first with limited ingredients.. a few ladies use the “Natural Balance” Potato & Kangaroo or Potato & Rabbit limited ingredients with good results, if you can order a small bag online, my boy cant have wet tin food, if he does the fat% has to be under 2% fat or we are up with his gurgling bowel.. also cook something else can he eat boiled potato, sweet potato, rolled oats, pumkin, boiled egg, low fat foods,
    I give tin Tuna in spring water drained with some boiled pumkin not much pumkin.. to a small tin of tuna I put 1-2 tablespoons pumkin,
    have you joined the yahoo group called “IBDogs” there’s a few ladies dogs with simaliar problems & can help with foods + Meds that have worked with their dogs….
    You might need to see a Internel Medical Specialist (IMS) or your vet contact one that specializes in IBD from Parasites..you need to find out what’s happening & why he’s not getting better after meds, maybe he needs to be on the Flagy again for 2 weeks, I have script at home & vet said when he has a flare to just use Flagy again for 2 weeks, a few ladies from the IBDogs yahoo group have their dogs on Tylan powder, those parasites have done a job on his bowel..poor thing…I know what your going thru..

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    Hi Julie-
    It pains me to read your post as I have gone through basically the same scenario with my two pups, 3 year-old, 80 lb lab mixes. We battled both giardia and coccidia for about a year. I think they have permanent issues from that condition. I found a ton of helpful information on dogaware dot com. Check out this site’s digestive disorder tab. My dog’s stools are still loose after exercise or when they get real excited, unfortunately. But otherwise they have been pretty consistent. I feed mine mostly Victor grain free food. It contains a clay that is supposed to be helpful for dogs with different types of colitis. I also rotate between the Perfect Form, Gastriplex and Vetri Pro BD supplements that contain probiotics and enzymes along with some diarrhea remedies such as slippery elm that seem to help a lot too. As far as toppers go, it seems like when I add either raw nuggets or dehydrated to their kibble, they do better than when I add a little canned food. Of course, murphey’s law, they are much more expensive than canned. I hope you can find a combination that works for you. If you do start switching up, do it slowly and one at a time so you know if it is helping or not. Good luck!

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