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    Tracy L

    For the last 13 years, I have been told by the vet that my poodle had seasonal allergies. She has always licked her paws like crazy and it would drive her and my husband crazy. I have tried several pet foods (such as Science Diet, Nutro, Blue Buffalo, etc.) and 1. she hasn’t liked them, and 2. she still licked. However, recently, I visited a local pet store (not a chain) and the lady recommended Fromm for my picky eater. She also gave me some Stella and Chewy’s Super Beef Patties to help put some weight on my little girl (she stopped eating as much). My poodle seems to like Fromm, but she LOVES the Stella and Chewy’s patty. Also, she has not been licking her paws at all! I sure wish I would have figured out her food allergies sooner. 🙁 I also wish my several vets across the country would have mentioned that there was better pet food available.

    Now, I’m torn. She is 13 and I want what is best for her that she likes the most. Which dog food would you recommend for my allergic, picky eater senior poodle? She is in great shape (can walk 3 miles straight with no issue), but she does have a sensitive stomach at times.

    Thank you!

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    A major issue with seniors is kidney disease, so I would suggest a diet rich in moisture. At 13, she deserves to eat something she likes.

    And as for the vets, they are not nutritionists, so they frequently suggest foods based on who pays for tons of research. And they frequently treat syptoms rather than look for causes. Holistic vets are much more likely to look for the cause of an issue and more likely to pay attention to optimal diet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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