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    Ryan K

    So, I have two dogs. My female is a 12 year old Old English Sheepdog and my male is a 4 year old Dachshund/Terrier mix. I have noticed that my OES has been pretty picky with what she eats lately. She was normally on anything with Lamb and I wasn’t really paying too much attention to whether or not her food was grain free despite her constant itching and chewing of her paws throughout the years. She was constantly getting yeast infections in her ears but my vet never told me to change her diet. I recently decided to switch up her diet on my own to various reactions. I tried Zignature’s Lamb formula and she seemed to like it but wouldn’t touch it after a month of eating it. Then I moved her onto Earthborne Holistic Meadow Feast, which she had a HORRIBLE allergic reaction to. I am not sure what in that mix caused the reaction (eye swelling, lethargy, fever, vomiting, etc) but I wondered if it might have been the Tapioca? I am not sure though. Since that experience I put her on California Natural’s Kangaroo formula but she would only eat it if I put about 1/4th cup of warm water in it…this is something I had never done before but thought I would try after reading that someone else did that with their dog’s food…this caused ANOTHER problem with my dog…she didn’t chew the food with it being watered down but instead decided to just slurp it up and then wound up with food stuck in her esophagus. This ended my watering down of the food.

    Since THAT I have put her on Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear and at first she seemed to go CRAZY for it but her love for it has cooled and now I have started mixing canned food with her dry food which she goes nuts for. However, I am not sure how much to give her? I normally let my dogs have a full bowl every day since I have grazers but the canned food has become scheduled at night. Before that, she will not touch the dry food. Should I be concerned about this? She has the dry food out to eat but she isn’t eating it unless the canned is mixed it. Buying both grain free canned and such an expensive grain free dry for her is a little much for my budget. Should I try a new less expensive grain-free? I was thinking of moving over to Fromm’s to see if she would like their Beef recipe or maybe the pork? I don’t know if those are ok for senior dogs though? Someone I know mentioned that I should watch the form of protein she is getting since she is older now but they didn’t say WHAT protein to go for. Is there truth in that??

    Of course, my main concern is that she is getting enough food. Is it ok that she is just eating one big meal a day but not touching her dry food the rest of the day??

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    When health problems start with dogs the dog tells us, if she just wants wet food, I’d give her wet food instead of kibble..Kibble is hard & its harder to digest, maybe its not agreeing with her like it once did when she was younger, My boy has Chronic Pancreatitis it took me 6 months & another vet to find out he had Pancreatitis.. but I notice when I give him his cooked chicken breast pumkin & egg for breakfast he’s happier, playing being naughty but when he has his kibble he’s a different dog quiet doesnt play & looks miserable…then I read that kibble isnt good for dogs with Pancreatitis they need softer foods, foods that are easier to digest.. Im not saying ur girl has Pancreatitis, she may need something that’s easier to digest now ..Wellness has a good Senior wet food called Complete Health, its low in fat & good protein.. Also Holistic Select has a good Senior health kibble that is low in fat & fiber & has Glucosaimine she’ll need for her bones…as dogs get older they need less fiber & fat & more protein..

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    Also, I would like to add….if your dog is eating heartily with the wet food, could you consider scheduled meal feedings instead of free feeding, or grazing? I have all senior dogs and I also use canned food toppers to their kibble. I meal feed. Believe me, they eat well and all their food is gone within a minute, no more than two! If not, I know someone isn’t feeling well or something else is going on. I just add approx. a tblsp. (sometimes 2) of canned food to their kibble, mixed with a little water (mainly because I also use probiotics/enzymes mixed in their food). They all eat great, love their food….and this cured picky Lucy years ago. I know now that if she doesn’t eat, then she has a stomach ache. When that happens, I fast her till the evening meal and she always eats heartily then. This has worked for us. It’s really not hard. Since I have 4 dogs, and 1 cat, this also deters any arguing over food or one gorging themselves with it. I also find that meal feeding helps me to better see who is eating well, or not.

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    I’ll second M2C, meal time feeding may help force her to eat if it isn’t available at all times.

    Switching foods may help keep things interesting, more expensive to buy many small bags, yes, but could be effective. If you don’t want to go straight canned, maybe a dehydrated food? Honest Kitchen, Sojos, etc… may be a good fit for her. And if you really want her to graze, you could feed that at meal times, slightly less than you should, and keep the kibble for grazing.

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    Ryan K

    Thanks for the replies! I have just started to mix in the canned with her dry food. I can’t get her to eat dry alone as is anymore. She just lets it sit. So, I am now feeding her twice a day with both dry and canned mixed together. She loves it. I just bought a bag of Canidae Pure Grain Free Duck and I will be mixing that into her food soon once her Acana Duck & Pear is gone. I wanted to find something a little less pricey since I now have to buy both dry and canned. Hopefully, she doesn’t have any adverse reactions to the Canidae. Never been on it before for either dogs.

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