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    Carmen R

    she was abused and mistreated.
    I decided to rescue an 11 year old maltese with mammory tumors.
    I am trying to increase wait before taking to Vet.
    She was weighing 4 lbs, now weighing 5 lbs she has been with me for about 1 month.
    I will not give up on her, I want to be her voice and give her the love she deserves.
    I just need to help as to how to properly feed her. She needs dental work, she is missing teeth. He breath smells bad. I am a newbie is helping this dog and I want to do the right thing by her. Please can some one advise me.
    She is on dry dog food crown royal. I hear bad things about commercial dog food I don’t know which is the proper food to give her a fighting chance.

    Thank you.

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    First of all, thank you SO MUCH for rescuing this dog and giving her a second chance!

    I have never heard of Crown Royal dog food, do you mean Royal Canin? If so, it is not a great dog food, and pretty overpriced too. Look around at the reviews of four and five star reviews and choose a few brands. Study the brand’s recall history to make sure they are not recently or frequently recalled. If they are not available locally, then you can order online, some sites that are popular are chewy.com pet flow.com. Stay away from doggiefood.com. It is best to have several brands and formulas to rotate between, if she can tolerate it, because no dog food is perfect. Make sure to transition really slowly, over at least a week, more if she needs it. You will want to feed more of the recommended amount suggested, 3-3.5% of her body weight, depending on how much weight she needs to gain.

    I would recommend taking her to the vet soon, to make sure she does not have any health problems. The vet may have advice about weight gain as well.

    I know it can be overwhelming and confusing to choose a dog food, feel free to ask any questions you might have. Good luck–and again, thanks for rescuing this dog!

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Carmen:
    What a lucky dog to find you. I think the most important thing you could do for her now is have her evaluated by a Vet as soon as possible. When you know more about her health it will be easier to find a healthy food for her.

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    I agree with Bobby Dog!

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    I would take her to the vet as soon as possible. As far as her teeth go if she is missing teeth maybe the kibble is too hard for her eat? I think i would try some canned since she is a small dog. It wouldn’t be that expensive to feed an all canned diet to her. At least until you can get her to a vet for an evaluation.

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    Hi Carmen, don’t worry about gaining some weight before seeing the vet, once you tell vet she is a rescue, he’ll understand, he would of probably seen worse, My boy was a real mess, weeing blood, no hair around his whole neck where a thick leather collar dug into his skin, the side of his front & back legs had rope burn across them, where he must of pulled on a rope, the sores were infected, he had no fur around tail & lower back where Id say fleas lived & was under weight….
    She’ll need some soft wet food, if she is missing a few teeth & other teeth are rotten or soak the kibble in some chicken broth or water for a couple of minutes to soften kibble then drain the water… normally the little ones have rotten teeth & need removing ASAP…has she been wormed? also give a dog probiotic……in a couple of months she’ll look like a little princess….

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    I definitely agree with getting her to the vet sooner rather than later. No teeth isn’t a problem. She probably needs a dental and after that, she can probably eat anything. I adopted a dog with no teeth and she does best with kibble that I add warm water to.

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