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    Melissa S

    We started our new puppy on Natural Balance. He ate it, but it was chore getting him to eat it. I tried only feeding him certain times, but just didn’t like it. I switched to Nutra Ultra Puppy food for small breeds. Again, he eats it, but only when he really is hungry. Trainer told us a dog should want to eat his food at one time and look forward to eating.
    She suggested Fromm? All the foods listed seem to be high quality, but I am frustrated trying to find something he likes and will eat when I give it to him.

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    My guess is that the kibbles are too hard for such a small puppy. Try canned, dampening the kibble with some warm water, or smaller a smaller kibble (or a combination of the three).

    That said, this puppy is going to stay pretty small. Some dogs, with good reason, just do not like commercial dry diets. You could try a raw diet, either commercial or home made. I’m currently using See Spot Live Longer premix (which is off the market for a few months right now while they set up to be able to produce a larger quantity and other formulas) and various meats for my 8 lb Jack russell mix, at about $20 a month. There are other premixes as well, and they’re pretty easy to find, with a google search. If a raw diet isn’t something you want to try, there are also premixes for home cooked diets.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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