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    I have a 10yr old rescue beagle (have had since12/2012). She has had occasional diarrhea since I have gotten her. She does well on her dog food for 2 to 3 months but then will begin to have an episode of diarrhea. Responds to txment: chicken and brown rice and metronidazole x5 days then gradually introduce dog food (lamb and brown rice). Things go good for a while then diarrhea again. Her vet is thinking going straight to hypoallergenic but I am not going chronic ear infections or any skin issues. I am thinking maybe a dog food for sensitive stomachs or maybe even cooking her food. Dealt with hypoallergenic dog food with last beagle and not seeing the same things. Any thoughts or suggestions for this confused and concerned mom?
    Thanks everyone!

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    My boy has IBD, since I got him over 1 yr ago, the vets first put him on a hypoallergenic kibble Royal Canin + Metronidzole, this kibble was too hard & didnt digest he’d vomit it up 7 hours later still all formed, the only food so far that has helped him do excellent poos since August 2013 is Eukanuba ‘Intestinal’ Vet Prescrition Diet, its breaks up easliy, as its a low residue kibble, so its good on his tummy & the diarrhea stopped within 1-2 days of being on the Intestinal & he’s off the Metronidzole…there’s an Intestinal Plus also which has more fiber this wasnt good for my dog the Intestinal has only 1.75% crude fiber, where the Intestinal Plus has 4% crude fiber.. Ive also started cooking him boiled chicken breast with pumkin & some sweet potatos for breakfast only, I cook a weeks worth & freeze little meals, he loves it & his poos are a bit softer as you can see the brown poo which is nice & firm from the Intestinal kibble, then you see bright orange softer poop, from the chicken &pumkin, maybe I’ll put less pumkin in, but this is the only thing so far that has worked, Oh, he has a probiotic in the morning 1 heap teaspoon with 10ml water he loves it, I dont know why it doesnt smell like anything, maybe he knows it has helped him.. Ive tried a few different kibbles & he’s ended back on the Metronidzole, I always come back to the Eukanuba Intestinal…

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