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Betsy, I haven’t tried the Nature’s Logic yet….we still have some Acana Duck and they are doing so well on it that I haven’t had the urge to change it. When these bags of Acana are almost gone, I’ll probably start mixing in the Nature’s Logic. I do want to try the Ranchlands Acana or the Lamb & Apple, if I can get my hands on it locally. They are loving the Primal freeze dried added in. I haven’t used cans in awhile…been using Primal and Stella & Chewy’s and Vital Essentials FD. I like them better than canned. Still have lots of good canned food, though. I do give a church member dog food for his Yorkie and his daughter’s dogs, so I most likely will give them some of my hoard of food. I’ve also noticed that Laverne does have intolerances and if I’m not careful will have bouts of colitis. So I really need to narrow my rotation down to what works with her and leave it at that for awhile.