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I checked out the link to the leaky gut and it sounds like the issues that she is going through. I have a call into my vet to see what she thinks. I did some research into leaky gut and one of the causes is too much carbohydrates in the diet. I researched this on exactly what carbohydrates were bad what carbs are in the food I have been feeding her for years. One of the big culprits to this is potatoes. This is the fourth ingredient listed in wellness core reduced fat dry food. Hmm I’m wondering if this has been the cause of all her belly problems. The fortiflora I have been giving her seems to be keeping her belly in check but I think I will be looking to changing her food. Thanks shelties mom for this link. 🙂 Momof2cavs I am sorry to hear of your loss of Stella. This is one thing we are not looking forward to with 2 of my dogs hitting 12 yrs old soon and with all these issues with our dogs ( I have another one with many issues who we struggle just to keep him comfortable ) . I’m hoping to get all my dogs well and happy as soon as I can. Thank you