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THank you so much for pointing me towards the right area. I hopped on over and read the article only to find the possibility that ethoxyquin and arsenic might be lurking in my dogs’ food! Since I’ve been fighting he good fight to give my dogs safe and nutritious food since the beginning, I immediately phoned the Nutro company.
Apparently, the supplier for the fish meal in Ultra doesn’t use ethoxyquin in the raw product and that Nutro tests their fish meal to be absolutely sure of this.
As for arsenic in the rice, dog food stands the same chance as any rice product on the market, pet or human, for having trace amounts of this. Arsenic can be present naturally in the soil and again, Nutro tests for this and meets the FDA standards in this regard. In effect, my dogs have no more chances of getting arsenic poisoning from their dinner than I do of expiring after my rice pilaf.
I am relieved. Ultra is back in my good books. Perhaps the admins could move this thread into the nutrition section for further debate?