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I’m sorry your dog is going through this. There are a few foods that might help. Wellness has a Simple line that is hypoallegenic. I don’t know if your dog has had all the proteins they include in their line, or not, but you could look into those. There is a mail order food called Brothers that has a good allergy food, but it comes in only one flavor (turkey, I believe). You might look into that, as well. And, even though I don’t agree that Natural Balance uses Diamond as one of their manufacturers in this case I’m going to recommend them for your dog. They are limited ingredient, grain free, and have some novel proteins like duck, venison, rabbit. Nature’s Variety is another company with limited ingredient diets. They come in Turkey, Duck and Lamb. California Natural, by Natura, can be a good allergy food, however, they are going through a recall for salmonella (I think) at the moment so I wouldn’t consider them at this time. Most of the foods I’ve mentioned also have “matching” treats and canned food to facilitate use. I’m sure there are other good foods and I’m also sure other posters will let you know soon. But, these are some that came to my mind. I hope this helps some.