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Suresh PM

Hi GDSsForever,

I got the statement of AAFCO when i surfed about healthy diet for dog food. Surely i accept with you that we have many brands who take care of quality in preparing meatfood. But i am also concerned with price of those foods. Not every common man can afford huge price for his pet. Particularly in India we buy quality petfood for about 500/kg which cannot be afforded by most of the common men. So i planned of preparing this food with extreme quality.

I used wheat, rice, Soya bean, millet, whitecorn, and some of the integrands we use in our country for human diet which is mostly available in Indian region and so I am not familiar with English words of that. Sorry for that. I got information about the amount of feeding of these mentioned integrands from internet and mixed with some amount of milk and water and made into small sizes so that my pet can eat. About the flavor, My dog likes chocolate flavor and so I used it. I wont add any sugar or salt with my dog food since it is not good for dogs. I added just natural flavors but as u said the original caffine may be toxic to dogs. Please suggest me with some flavors our dogs like most so that I can try with my pet.