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Sorry to be the party pooper & naysayer, BUT . . .

I just do NOT think this product is worth spending the money on. I think the ingredients are very generic & see nothing special about it to make it some wonder product or justify its prices. It’s apparently all over the radio & TV right now, and I’ve had several people ask me about it.

I think there are much better supplements out there (and cleaner/purer) at lower cost. There are some ingredients that even strike me as wholly unnecessary and not beneficial in any way. And I think other ingredients in its various versions should and can easily come from a good food.

If it works for you, great, good luck. But I think it’s a waste of money and not a very well designed product with highest quality of ingredients.

This product seems about as magical as all those PetSmart/Petco supplement aisle products that claim to get rid of shedding, and then contain very basic cheap cooking oils and bargain basement vitamin mix.