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Paula B


My dog has pancreatitis and IBD. Like you, I was trying to keep my dog on homemade food but it wasn’t agreeing with her. My vet said the best diet food in this situation is Low Fat Gastrointestinal Dog food by Royal Canin which is good for pancreatitis. She always seemed hungry after eating this, so I did a little more research and found an insect based food called Concept for Life on Zooplus which is good for ibd, which I also tried her on. She wasn’t hungry, but did start putting weight on.

I took both bags to the vet for her to check the ingredients and she said the ideal solution was to mix the two together, making sure I worked out the correct daily portion size. She said to split the daily food allowance into 3 portions and mix with a little hot water.

She said if I struggle to get her to just eat the biscuits, I could also get either the Royal Canin low fat gastrointestinal wet food or Concept for life hypoallergenic which is for ibd and is kangaroo flavour (obviously reduce the biscuits if giving wet food as well)..

Since changing to this food, my dog’s stools are firm and her stomach isn’t gurgling as much. She seems more content with her portion size and isn’t as hungry. It’s costly buying them together, but it lasts for several months.

It may not be everyone’s ideal food, but it certainly works for my dog. All of these can be bought off zooplus.