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    Fanette R


    My dog has been diagnosed from IBD for over a year now, and from Pancreatitis for almost 2 years. His diet has been manageable before his IBD but since his IBD I have been trying different kind of food, and even though he is doing so much better than he was a year ago, I know that his current diet isn’t perfect still.

    I’ve tried homemade food, my vet and holistic vet are all about raw and homecooked food, but with Furby’s situation and after trying a several time, that this isn’t working for him at the moment. He cannot have too much carbs, because of his pancreatitis current situation, or too much starched veggies, and he needs low fat meats or fish. So basically, he would need a green veggie / low fat meat diet, which would result in so much quantity for him to eat each day so he can have enough calories out of it. We’ve tried, and tried again, giving him 7-8 meals a day to see if this would help, but it doesn’t. His stomach cannot take that amount of food for now.
    So, even my vets that are pro raw and homecooked diet, told me that we should look into dog food at the moment, and maybe try to go back to homecooked or even raw later on.
    So first of all, please don’t message me to say that yes, he needs a homecooked or raw diet, because trust me I’ve tried everything, for months.

    I’m in France so I don’t have the same products as people who are based in the US, so I made a lot of researches to find food that seems pretty good quality, and that are low fat, grain-free and with only a tiny bit, or not at all, starches.
    Now, I’m wondering if I can write the composition and info right so you guys tell me your thoughts about it ?

    Brand : Terra Cannis
    Dry food :
    Canireo is the first dry food in the specialist retail trade made from 100% certified food-grade ingredients, based on pure fresh meat, with 64% muscle meat and grain-free. This unique quality distinguishes it from all other dry pet foods.

    We absolutely do not use meat-, bone-, fish- or feather flour. The flours typically used for dry food are usually made of “category 3 material” (waste material that is not approved for human consumption) and are in no way comparable with food-grade ingredients in terms of quality. Another aspect that makes Canireo stand out is that it is made exclusively with fresh meat – 64% fresh muscle meat and 1% fresh liver. Furthermore, it is not cold pressed or extruded, but naturally baked until crisp. All the aspects that we have this far considered critical for dry food are thus optimised.

    The result is a natural, crispy baked dry food of uncompromising quality. The 100% food-grade ingredients, the exclusive use of fresh meat, the high muscle meat content of 64%, and the valuable coconut flour make Canireo unique. Not using grains, and instead using plenty of healthy vegetables, fruit, and herbs, as well as all-natural nutritional supplements, make Canireo a natural dry food that is truly appropriate for the species.
    Link to the product : https://www.terracanis.co.uk/canireo-trockenfutter-wild.html

    Product : Canireo dry food, game
    Fresh venison muscle meat (64%), potato flakes* (15%), coconut flour (5%), apple* (2%), brewer’s yeast*, parsnip* (1.67%), carrots* (1.52%), courgette* (1.44%), celery* (1.2%), fresh venison liver (1%), powdered eggshell (1%), pumpkin* (0.8%), linseed, apricots* (0.5%), fenugreek (0.4%), parsley root* (0.4%), rapeseed flour, mineral earth, spinach (0.16%), seaweed*, dandelion* (0.1%), rose hip* (0.1%), chamomile* (0.1%), rosemary*, thyme*

    Analytic Constituents
    Protein: 29.4%, fat content: 12.5%, crude fibre: 2.8%, crude ash: 5.1%, moisture: 3.7%
    MJ/kg: 15.5

    2nd Product : Canireo dry food, chicken
    Fresh chicken muscle meat (64%), potato flakes* (15%), coconut flour (5%), apricots* (2%), carrots* (1.5%), courgette* (1.4%), celery* (1.2%), fresh poultry liver (1%), brewer’s yeast (1%), linseeds (1%), apple* (0.9%), pumpkin* (0.8%), parsnip* (0.8%), powdered eggshell (0.7%), beetroot* (0.5%), mineral earth (0.5%), parsley root* (0.4%), fenugreek (0.4 %), rapeseed flour (0.4%), dandelion* (0.3%), rose hip* (0.3%), chamomile* (0.2%), chokeberries* (0.2%), spinach (0.2%), seaweed* (0.1%), rosemary* (0.1%), thyme* (0.1%)

    Analytic Constituents
    Protein: 29.2%, fat content: 12%, crude fibre: 2.4%, crude ash: 4.9%, moisture: 4.7%
    MJ/kg: 15.4
    Link to the product : https://www.terracanis.co.uk/canireo-trockenfutter-huhn.html

    2nd Brand : Herzens Hund
    Product : Organic Sheep meat & Organic Zucchini (wet food)
    This complete feed for dogs “Bio Sheep meat & Bio Zucchinic” consists only of natural organic ingredients. It is consistently produced without binding substance, without synthetic vitamins, flavour intensifiers and without any kind of additives. In such a way, fruits and vegetables used in are not contaminated with pesticides and the meat comes from a species-appropriate attitude.

    Apricot consist of beta-carotin, which turns into Vitamin A in organism. Vitamin A is an important nutritive substance for eyes. Apricots are rich in fiber, which stimulate bowels work and improve toxins removing.
    Organic sheep (72%)Organic zucchini (17%)Organic buckwheat (4%)Organic salad (3%)Organic apple (2%)Organic linseed oil (1%)Organic apricot (1%)
    Phosphorus (1271 mg/kg)Calcium (169 mg/kg)
    Moisture : 84.3%, Crude protein : 7.4%, Crude fiber : 1.3%, Crude ash : 0.8%
    Crude fat 0.7%

    2nd Product : Horse meat & Organic Pumpkin
    Horse (70%)Organic amaranth (16%)Organic pumpkin (13%)Organic evening primrose oil (1%)
    Phosphorus (1443 mg/kg)Calcium (786 mg/kg)
    Moisture : 73.3%, Crude protein7.5%, Crude fat : 2.4%, Crude fiber : 1.1%
    Crude ash 1%


    Herrmann’s Dog Food :
    Product : Venison with Apple & Amaranth
    Composition: 50 % deer (60 % muscle meat, 25 % heart, 10 % lung, 5 % liver), courgette*, 8 % apple*, 6 % amaranth*, linseed oil*, eggshell powder* – *organic – 50 % from organic ingredients
    Analytical Constituents : moisture: 76.36 %, crude protein: 12.1 %, crude fat: 4.0 %, crude fiber: 1.0 %, crude ash: 1.2 %

    2nd Product : Venison with Sweet Potato
    50% vension (60% muscle meat, 25% heart, 10% lung and 5% liver), 25% sweet potato*
    fruits* (berry-mix), linseed oil* *-organic – 50% from organic
    Analytical Constituents : crude protein 8,40% crude fat 2,80% crude fiber 1,60% crude ash 1,30% moisture 78,90%

    3rd Product : Venison with pumpkin, quinoa and cranberry
    50% deer (60% muscle meat, 25% heart, 10% lung and 5% liver), 12% pumpkin*, 8% quinoa*, fruits* (berry-mix), eggshell powder*, *-organic, 50% organic
    Analytical Constituents :
    Moisture : 77.77%, Crude protein : 12.46%, Crude fat : 2.8%, Crude fiber : 1.03%
    Crude ash : 0.87%, Calcium : 0.03%, Phosphorus : 0.03%


    My holistic vet looked at all of them and the one that seems the best to her was the one from Herrmann’s : Venaison, Apple & Amaranth.
    But after being back home from my appointment I got quite confused and I wanted to talk to you guys about it. She said that the other ones weren’t good enough especially because the amount of protein wasn’t high enough. She told me that to her it should be at least 10% of protein on the wet matter basis for wet food. But if I calculate correctly dry matter basis, a product like the one from Herzens Hund (Sheep & Zucchino), has 7.4% of crude protein on a wet matter basis but has around 47% of protein on dry matter basis (if I do the calculation right), which should be a good amount right ?
    So I’m quite confused about that;

    She doesn’t know those brands so it’s tricky for her. I wanted to try the brand that she does know, which is an amazing local company that does amazing products, but their fat content for their wet food are around 6,4% on wet matter basis, and I made the calculation from the moisture and it’s about 27% of fat on dry matter basis which seems way too much for my dog. But my vet said that in those formulas there were no starch, no grain, so nothing that usually irritate my dog’s pancreas. So in this case the fat content could be higher and find for Furby. Which kind of make sense, maybe the reason why it has to be so low fat usually for dogs with pancreatitis is because most of those products are full of starch. But I still wanted to talk to you guys about it before making any changes.

    Have a great day and so sorry about that huge message!

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    Hi Fanette,
    it will all depend on your dog what agrees with him????
    What happens when he ate your cooked food cause wet can food is very similar??

    My Patch doesn’t do well on wet can foods raw foods & cooked meals they come back up into mouth, he regurgatates them, I was feeding him a really good Dehydrated Raw food all good quality free range organic ingredients, it smells beautiful like a chicken soup but he got his BAD acid reflux back & his very sore throat again 🙁
    We (Holistic Vet) who formulated “Frontier Pets” raw said try not adding the water to the dehydrated balls & feed the balls like a dry kibble but he wasn’t drinking water,when he gets his BAD acid reflux he will not drink any water it must make something worse.. & cause its dehydrated food he needs the water….

    Did you end up joining the face book group called,
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support”

    People who have IBD dogs will probably be able to help you more..

    I liked the first dry kibbles “Canireo dry food” they look very good for a dry kibble & very low in Starch… The Herzens Hund Horse & Pumkin looks good aswell.

    Patch has to eat a dry food these would work for my Patch. You need to try & see which ones agree with Furby???

    When I started introducing the Frontier Pets Dehydrated Raw the Holistic Vet said to start introducing at lunch time only still feed normal food for Breafast & Dinner & introduce new food at lunch time if you can, very small meal & see how Furby does, then increase to more & more…
    The only thing with the wet can foods they are high in organ meats. Organ meats like Liver can cause Diarrhea…

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    joanne l

    Hi did you ever try nature’s instinct? the limited ingredient ones work pretty well. If you have it available there. I know this b/c a lot of dogs that had this issue it worked for them.

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    Hi Joanne,
    Did you start your boy on the Nature Instinct??
    Is he doing better?

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    Paula B


    My dog has pancreatitis and IBD. Like you, I was trying to keep my dog on homemade food but it wasn’t agreeing with her. My vet said the best diet food in this situation is Low Fat Gastrointestinal Dog food by Royal Canin which is good for pancreatitis. She always seemed hungry after eating this, so I did a little more research and found an insect based food called Concept for Life on Zooplus which is good for ibd, which I also tried her on. She wasn’t hungry, but did start putting weight on.

    I took both bags to the vet for her to check the ingredients and she said the ideal solution was to mix the two together, making sure I worked out the correct daily portion size. She said to split the daily food allowance into 3 portions and mix with a little hot water.

    She said if I struggle to get her to just eat the biscuits, I could also get either the Royal Canin low fat gastrointestinal wet food or Concept for life hypoallergenic which is for ibd and is kangaroo flavour (obviously reduce the biscuits if giving wet food as well)..

    Since changing to this food, my dog’s stools are firm and her stomach isn’t gurgling as much. She seems more content with her portion size and isn’t as hungry. It’s costly buying them together, but it lasts for several months.

    It may not be everyone’s ideal food, but it certainly works for my dog. All of these can be bought off zooplus.




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