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Wow, so no one has posted about feeding a large breed puppy in 2 year, 5 mos?

Are these forums still active? But just no one has had a question or comment about a large breed puppy’s diet?

OK, well then. Here goes:

I’m bringing home a large breed young puppy. Has the recommended calcium–phosphorous ratio changed recently??

I’m used to the recommended ratio of 1:1 to 1.3:1 calcium to phosphorous.

I’m looking at the FEDIAF (Europe pet food) guidelines and it appears to show a ratio minimum and maximum of 1:1 to 1.6:1 for early growth (under 6 mos).

p.s. In case anyone refers me to the DFA best foods for large breed puppies, thank you, but I am employing different overall criteria for selecting best foods.