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Julie D

My human patients with recurring pancreatitis are sometimes prescribed pancreatic enzymes (I have specifically seen Pancreaze used). Super type triglyceride control (which is essential to preventing pancreatitis- other things are as well) is also achieved by some human patients by using meds and diet. There’s actually a correlation between
stones and pancreatitis. You should pick your own doctor’s brain about this subject and what would be recommended if he/ she had a human with these problems. I’d also see if you can get in contact with a human dietian to see what they’d suggest. My dog has had recurring vomiting and calcium oxalate stones so I’m trying to figure out what diet is best for her. Your doctor may be able to access “UpToDate” and print the current recommendations. I look to human medicine a lot for Chloe because I’m a human icu nurse. I read these forums to get ideas or resource ideas. Vets seem to be overwhelmed with animals so doing the work of giving them research isn’t bad especially if it’s from a reputable site. Mayo clinic has great resources for certain things. I’d ask a doctor and a dietian for help and the worse they can do is turn you down. But when I talk about Chloe, my doctor friends start asking questions because they like to help sick people (and animals). I got advice about chickens from my doctor. Best of luck!! This is the site that talks about pancreatitis and stones- ps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8783332/